Connect to your guidance systems and connect to the world in a way that suits the way you want to live

Reiki is an intuitive approach to healing from the inside out

Caroline teaches an authentic way of using the art of Reiki to settle into oneself. While Reiki may assist us in getting into a relaxed state of mind, a relaxed way of being is in the day to day details.

We may ask ourselves,

What am I doing wrong?

But we can also reframe that question to “what am I doing wrong here that needs to be corrected to what I want from this life?” A subtle twist that can help us re-see, or re-vision ourselves into a much needed shift in who we are.

Take this journey with Caroline and begin a new way of becoming you. You deserve it.

Reiki classes are held regularly. For more details click here.

Reiki sessions are single sessions by the hour or by the ninety minute. For more details, click here.

Do not be afraid of who you are or who you are meant to be

A chance to get a peak behind the curtain, the veiled inner world to so many. The invisible is more than available to everyone who lives here on this plane. Take advantage of Caroline’s unique skill sets and connect with the parts of yourself that need listening.

Whether you are interested in furthering your skills to:

  • Create a happier life
  • Connect with animals through Reiki and animal communication
  • Relax into a more creative way of being, with flow or with ease
  • Being an authentic version in the outer world as you see yourself internally
  • Intuitive approach to decision making
  • Healing plants, trees, people, places, or things
  • Balancing your lifestyle in the way that suits your needs
  • Listening to your guidance systems (angels, guides, the body, trust in oneself)