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From Burnout to Balance 

Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful technique to calm the mind and relieve feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, and negative thinking. Reiki is a type of energy work that is done through light touch. Some people feel a warmth moving throughout the body, others have an ah-ha! moment or reflection. While everyone experiences Reiki differently, a sense of peace emerges. The grip of the emotional weight, negative thinking, and overwhelm is loosened. Balance is restored after a single session; a series of 5 or more sessions will provide lasting change.

What is burnout?

Burnout happens when we experience high stress or trauma for an extended period of time. Our bodies and brains are designed to deal with stress in short bursts; however when stress is intense and ongoing, that’s when we start to feel drained, helpless, or overloaded. When it’s hard to get out of bed, much less pursue your dreams, this is a signal that we may be feeling burnout. Burnout, or her sister Emotional Exhaustion, can happen when:

  • Jobs require long hours or high emotional demands
  • Prolonged or repeated trauma and loss
  • Care giving for sick, aging, or young family

How do we know we’re experiencing burnout?

There are 3 main signs that we are experiencing burnout.

  1. Exhaustion
  2. Cynicism
  3. Inefficiency

Other things we may see in ourselves or others include:

  • emotionally or mentally exhausted
  • lack of motivation
  • decrease in performance
  • negative thinking
  • moodiness
  • lower quality of life
  • overwhelm
  • resentful
  • nothing more to give
  • unable to meet constant demands of work/life

If you’re dealing with high levels of stress, burnout, or anxiety, you’re in the right place.  Let’s create space, release built up stress, and find balance.

Reiki hands on Cat

Restore Balance.  If you’re feeling mentally and emotionally exhaustion or burnout, let me help! Reiki is a powerful way to relieve stress and burnout. Let’s clear the mind, detox the emotions, and offer some fresh perspectives when you’re relaxed. You’ll notice a huge difference in your overall well being.  A single session can make a huge impact.  Incorporating Reiki into your life, whether it’s easier to have someone take care of you for awhile with 5- or 10-series Reiki sessions or learning the skill for yourself with Reiki classes to go more in-depth for self-care.

Reiki made such a deep impact in my life, as I constantly struggled with anxiety and overwhelm. My story is here. It’s why I’m so passionate about this work I do.

Schedule an appointment below and go from burnout to balance.

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“I received a Reiki session from Caroline and went in with some skepticism about Reiki. I didn’t think it was going to do much for me. As it turns out I was blown away by the session. I was more relaxed than I’ve been in a long time and Caroline shared with me some insights that she perceived during the session that were accurate and helpful to me.”

Caroline Ruderman, Reiki Master Teacher
Caroline Ruderman, Reiki Master Teacher

Check out Caroline’s story here or watch the video below!

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