Caregivers Need Love Too!

Despite working in the healing arts, as well as a long list of volunteer-driven service work, I’ve never really thought of myself as a caregiver. Helping others is just something I do. It feels good and it’s rewarding. For some, care giving is an instinct. For others, having received an act of deep kindness is why they help.

We all have caregivers in our lives. Care giving can be a small gesture: a hug, phone call, or listening without judgement. Sometimes, the care offered is a big gesture, such as a place to stay or advocating during a medical emergency. The desire to help others drives people into their professional lives or volunteer work. Many organizations run because of the volunteer staff. It’s amazing. Care giving is a characteristic and a super power.

The only downside to this nurturing tendency is that caregivers often ignore their own fatigue, low back tension, or anxiety. Sometimes caregivers don’t ask for help (or say no), even when they are burnt out or overloaded. The focus is on others. It took me a long time to prioritize myself before helping. I need to eat and exercise and sleep and have fun (yes, having fun is part of a healthy foundation). I’m so more effective when I’m feeling relaxed and balanced.

For the month of November, I’m here to offer my gratitude to those who help others. During this season of thanks, I am offering free 30 minute Reiki sessions to local, community organizations who want to support their staff. It’s my way of giving back. If you are involved in an organization who is interested in working with Caroline in November, please reach out directly. If you know a caregiver, a mother, a husband, or a coworker, support them with the gift of Reiki. Seeing someone you love with a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye is its own reward for you too.



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