September 22, 2020
3 Ways Learning Reiki Will Improve Everything

3 Ways Learning Reiki Will Improve Everything

3 Reasons Why Learning Reiki Will Improve Everything

How can one technique improve everything? Does this idea sound far fetched or even impossible? Maybe. There’s no magic bullet, no quick fix to the problems that have followed us for years, or maybe even for an entire lifetime. But what if we had a way to ease a whole lot of stress and improve just one day? Well, we can do that. Here’s how:

  1.  Reiki is Our 24-hour, Built-in Pharmacy. Headaches, tummy aches, sleeplessness, no bueno. How much do we spend on these temporary fixes? Reiki can reduce the use of painkillers and sleep aids dramatically, and this energy is available any time we need it. Simply resting our hands on ourselves and inviting the gentle flow of Reiki can soften a headache or ease the tension of physical pain. My students often say that they give themselves Reiki at night and it puts them right to sleep. Reiki is a drugless technique that can be used anytime, anyplace.
  2. It’s Better Than Worrying. Have you ever had a sick pet or a friend who is going into surgery? It’s pretty scary. Those situations can make us feel powerless and bring out our anxiety in a big way. It doesn’t feel good to worry, and worrying is exhausting! You can use Reiki to send positive, loving energy to a situation, the health of a friend, and to soothe your nerves. Reiki brings us calm. There’s no replacement for traditional medicine, but releasing stress and worry helps us heal faster. Currently, there are over 70 registered Reiki programs in U.S. hospitals that bring stress relief to patients. These programs were formed through consumer demand.
  3. Reiki Makes Working with People a Whole Lot Easier.  As any nurse, hair stylist, aesthetician, or massage therapist knows, working with other people can be stressful. Here, Reiki has a dual purpose: one, Reiki can be activated to bring calm to the work in front of you, whether it’s hands-on or in a tense, busy work environment. Mistakes are caught quickly and people often walk away feeling relaxed and happy.The second way is to care for your working body. If you’re on your feet all, bending or twisting your back, or your hands are on fire after massaging 8 clients, you can use your Reiki to relax physical tension in those muscles.

So there you have it! Here are just a few ways that Reiki can improve everything. Everyone uses Reiki differently which is great, because you can’t mess it up and you can’t do it wrong.
Reiki is there for us when we need it. To learn more about the technique and upcoming classes, click HERE or sign up below for Caroline’s Reiki 1 class starting February 7.

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