September 25, 2020
How To Make Your Own Flower Essences

How To Make Your Own Flower Essences


pink mountain laurelThe flower essences that I make for myself (and friends and family) are usually inspired by my visits to Mt. Tom, in Holyoke, MA. I spend a lot of time on that mountain, which is in close proximity to where I live. Being on Mt.Tom is my “happy place” so I choose to collect my flowers and vibrational essences there. However, your flower essences could easily be the blooms from your garden. Try to choose flowers that you really love or connect with– don’t worry about what flower or plants are “known for”; this is a little different from herbal medicine. Flower essences heal emotions, so choose the flowers you are drawn to and that will be right. Please read the full instructions first. 


Here is a list of things you will need:

  • clean, sterilized jar with lid
  • spring water or filtered water
  • a preservative: vegetable glycerin, alcohol (plain vodka or brandy), or apple cider vinegar
  • Label and marker (masking tape and sharpie)
  • flowers, still growing
  • dropper bottle, sterilized
  • small funnel

Step 1. Clean your jar thoroughly. Wash and disinfect. You don’t have to go crazy here, but get your container as clean as possible. Flower essences can store a long time (at least a couple years), so give yourself a few minutes to boil that jar and lid. Let it dry completely. I like the big 1L. Ball jars, because they don’t break easily.

Step 2. Get the best water your can find. Again, you don’t need to go crazy here. I use a charcoal water filter to get rid of impurities. I offer Reiki to the water as a blessing and to raise the vibes a bit. I also take a strip of masking tape and write “thank you” on the water vessel. This is related to The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. Check out how positive affirmations affect the structure of water.

Step 3. Take your clean container filled with your fresh water and go find your flowers. Without picking, find the plant you want to work with. You may want to use a single flower per essence or you may make a floral blend. This is entirely up to you. I like to make blends, because I enjoy the layered affects of how certain the flowers work together. It’s like team sports versus a solo activity. Both are useful and effective in their own way. Feel it out for you. Trust your first instincts.

Step 4. Ask Consent. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to ask the plant and the flowers if they are willing to work with you! When you receive consent, it is respectful to the flowers/plants, and it will make your medicine more powerful. This is done by saying to the flowers (in your mind or out loud) “would you like to work with me?” or “may I pick you?”

If you get the vibe yes, go ahead. If you get the vibe no, please ask another flower. A plant may consent, but the flower must consent as well. Just ask a different bloom. If you get confused or are feeling unsure, take a deep breath. Center yourself. Ask the plant to show you with flowers are right for your creation. Follow what catches your eye. Follow that clue. It may be subtle, but this is the magic of flowers. Let it guide you.

Step 5. Pick your flowers. You may need a few petals or a handful of flowers. You may fill up a jar. Just remember that more flowers does not equal stronger. Let the medicine make itself. Drop the flowers directly into the water. Thank each flower as you pick. Before moving on, thank you plant or tree as well. When you are finished, cap the jar.

Step 6. Let the jar sit in the sun for 3-4 hours. You can leave it on the earth or on a windowsill. The essence of the flower will begin to transfer right away. That process usually takes 15-20 in my experience, but leaving the water in the sunshine is good medicine. After 3-4 hours, you can remove the flowers. (Please wash hands before reaching into the jar.)

Step 6. Add the preservative. Fact of life: water alone will grow bacteria. Adding your vinegar, glycerin, or alcohol will extend the shelf life and prevent gross things from growing. I usually cut the water to preservative with a 50:50 ratio. This is now your flower essence stock jar.

Step 7. Label it. “Mountain laurel flower essence” or “rose flower essence” or “the essence of little white flowers” with the date. I don’t always know the name of the flowers, so I may snap a photo to ID for later or write “solstice flower essence blend: june 21, 2018” as the reminder of when/what/why I was collecting on that day. I also write another tag that says “thank you” on every jar to keep good vibes in the water. I continue to offer Reiki to the water as well.

Step 8. Bottle it. Use the little funnel to transfer your flower essence from your stock container into your dropper bottle. The funnel lets you pour without spilling everything. The dropper bottle is more portable and allows you to use your dosage more accurately.

Step 9. Your flower essences are ready! Add your flower essences to your smoothies, water bottle, or take them directly under the tongue. I don’t particularly like the taste of vodka or the strength of apple cider vinegar, so masking it is nice. Most flower essences are not going to smell or taste like anything other than your preservative. Some flowers like roses or jasmine are very aromatic, so their scent may linger. Either way, your flower essence is complete.  You may experiment with how you feel with a couple drops versus a dropperful. Once a day versus three times a day. There is no wrong way. Use as needed.


Caroline Ruderman, Reiki Master TeacherCaroline Ruderman is a Reiki teacher and practitioner in Northampton, MA and has office hours Monday-Friday, including daytime and evening hours. Like her on Facebook or reach out with questions at

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