Making Decisions With the Heart

Decisions Through the Heart

Let’s be honest: making big decisions can be hard. We’ve all been there. We go over the possibilities, weighing the pros and cons. We worry and doubt ourselves and then…nothing. We avoid making mistakes, but we continue to feel stuck and unhappy. One way to break this pattern is to step out of the mind and gather information elsewhere. There are two key elements to remember here:

  1. There’s no wrong decision. If you try something and it doesn’t work, then you try something else. Either way, you’ll be collecting information. It’s ok to let go of the things that aren’t working. What if the situation improves?  If you’re leaving a dangerous situation, ask for help and create a safety plan!
  2. Our body offers us information too. We tend to mentally wrangle with decisions, but our body is a fully-functioning way to sense and perceive the world around us. We can gather an enormous amount of information by simply feeling our way through it. Some people use their “gut instinct” for guidance. Here, we’re going to gather information through the heart center.

Our heart chakra, or heart center, is how we connect to the world around us. This energetic center of our body deals with the energy of love, which simply a vibration of feeling gratitude, happiness, contentment, joy, and good pleasurable vibes. This area connects us to everyone and everything around us. When we feel “heart centered” or “open-hearted,” this chakra is open and flowing. When we’re nervous, the whole chest may tighten and offers us a different type of energetic information.

The way our heart center feels is a powerful indicator about how we feel about a situation.  The heart center responds to our ever-fluctuating emotional thoughts, opening and closing like a window. We can open and close this heart center deliberately (which we will explore in the meditation) or unconsciously. We can also settle our minds and look out from this “heart window” to witness the heart’s natural intelligence.

Below is a guided meditation to help you feel your way through your heart. How your heart responds is unique to you. Your body’s wisdom is designed to guide you. What you choose to do with this information is UP TO YOU! There’s no right or wrong decisions. This is an exercise to step out of the mind and  collect new information. Give it a try and comment below!

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