From Anxiety to Intuition 

Caroline never knew she experienced the world differently. Connecting with others was hard and often felt drained after social hangouts. Alcohol, coffee, and marijuana helped manage the social anxiety, but those substances felt draining too. The tipping point came while working at a stressful job. It felt like her lower back, neck, and shoulders were constantly clenching, holding so tightly onto frustration and anger. Meditation and yoga were no longer helping. There was no more room for denying what she was experiencing. Her feelings were too strong and something had to change. 

Caroline wanted to try something (anything!) different. Going off a whim, Caroline signed up for a Reiki workshop and everything changed so fast.  That first Reiki session left a deep impact. Sitting up from the table, Caroline felt all the tension in her head, neck, and shoulders evaporate. It was like breathing fresh air. 

Reiki started as a practical tool to calming anxiety. Reiki helped calm Caroline and let go after a long day. As Caroline deepened her connection with herself, her intuition expanded. She began to trust those “whims” and “vibes” and more psychic information started flowing. It was colorful, imaginative, playful, and exciting. This inner world was weird but good. 

Caroline teaches others how to feel their way through emotion, assists in moving energy, offers clarity and guidance, and shows people where their abilities are and how to use them. Reiki is a powerful ally.  Calming our mind and nervous system is a great place to start, and Reiki helps us find balance where we need it. 

Caroline currently works at Baystate Franklin Medical Center in the complementary care program for Oncology. Her office is in Northampton, MA. She has worked events at Bard College, Elms College, UMass Amherst, Columbia Greene Community College, and The Girls Club, Inc in NYC, as well as yoga studios across Massachusetts and New York.