The Path from Anxiety to Intuition 

Empaths, or highly sensitive people, deal with emotions all day. The problem with feeling everything is often the amount of energetic information can be overwhelming, and it’s harder to tell what’s our own.

Caroline never knew that she experienced emotion differently. All she knew was that people were exhausting.  She avoided crowds like the plague. Growing up, many of her friends had panic attacks or experienced anxiety in a big way. After some intense hangouts, Caroline would go straight to her room to disconnect and recharge alone. It took a long time to feel “normal” again.  These social patterns continued for many years into adulthood. Her own anxiety paired with self-medicating with coffee, alcohol, and marijuana was the best way she knew how to cope with being around others. 

While working at a stressful job, Caroline’s anxiety boiled over. She felt drained, irritable, and overwhelmed. It felt like her lower back, neck, and shoulders were constantly clenching, holding so tightly onto frustration and anger. Meditation and yoga weren’t helping. There was no more room for denying what she was experiencing. Her feelings were too strong and something had to change. 

Caroline met her first Reiki teacher and really liked her vibe. Going off a whim, Caroline signed up for a Reiki workshop. Having no idea what it was about,  she wanted to try something different.  That first Reiki session made a deep impact. Sitting up from the table, Caroline felt all the tension in her head, neck, and shoulders evaporate. It was like breathing fresh air. This was first time she witnessed the effect of moving and releasing energy. She was hooked! 

At first, Reiki was a practical tool to ward off anxiety. Reiki helped calm her mind and settle down faster. She was able to process emotions more quickly and let go after a long day. Slowly, as Caroline deepened her connection with herself, her intuition expanded. She began to trust those “whims” and “vibes” and more psychic information started flowing. It was colorful, imaginative, playful, and exciting. This inner world was weird but good. 

It took practice to cultivate positive mental and emotional habits and to really stabilize her happiness. Reiki was a powerful ally. We limit ourselves with negative thoughts, diminish our value, our sense of truth, or belonging. Reiki is an amazing tool for winding down, releasing emotion, and taking care of ourselves. 

Caroline teaches others how to feel their way through emotion, assists in moving energy, offers clarity and guidance, and shows people where their abilities are and how to use them. 

Caroline currently works at Baystate Franklin Medical Center in the complementary care program for Oncology. Her office is in Northampton, MA. She has worked events at Bard College, Elms College, UMass Amherst, Columbia Greene Community College, and The Girls Club, Inc in NYC, as well as yoga studios across Massachusetts and New York.