Guiding people to trust what they are feeling and sensing is so much fun and pure magic.

In-office Reiki courses have resumed!

 Reiki 2 and 3 classes are also available online. Schedule your ongoing weekly lessons and practice from home. Contact Caroline to schedule your lessons.

Why Learn Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle technique that allows us to let go of stress, help with sleep, move energy, feel more present, and tune into what’s going on inside. Reiki is Japanese in origin, and it’s simplicity and powerful results have made it popular around the world. It’s a high vibrational healing energy that supports a balanced life.

Reiki is practical– you can access it anytime, anywhere. Reiki is for self-care, family and pets, or even tending the plants in our garden! People feel relief on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Reiki has no religious affiliation and no medical contraindications. Feel good, tune in, and know that you can’t do any harm!

Why I Teach

Hi, I’m Caroline! (That’s me below.) Reiki has been quite a journey for me. I honestly never thought I would be where I am today, with a Reiki practice, teaching classes, and sharing my intuitive work. Initially, Reiki was a practical skill during a tough time in my life and dealing with anxiety. Later on, Reiki became a jumping off point for the deeper intuitive work that I do now. But 9 years later, here I am, and I love it.  My skills and confidence have grown, in my work and within myself.  Teaching Reiki has become a love within a love for me. Guiding people to trust what they are feeling and sensing is so much fun and pure magic.   You can read my full story here.

What others are saying: “She’s the sweetest!! My Reiki sessions relaxed me so deeply and being attuned to Reiki filled me with anew kind of energy I’d never experienced before.”

Reiki Over the Heart

How I Teach

My students go through 16 hours of contact time for certification. Courses are over 8 classes to complete 16 hours. However, it’s not simply about the contact hours. The course is designed to integrate Reiki into your life and how it will work for you. Everyone uses Reiki differently. It’s adaptability is part of why Reiki is so popular. In between classes, there are at home assignments– or rather, at home explorations. I promise, this will NOT feel like work!

Learning is done through practice. In between lessons, you inadvertently forget everything. It’s hard to retain knowledge that doesn’t have a framework. The at-home assignments encourage you to explore, uncover questions about your Reiki practice, and return with new understandings. There is no memorization. You will understand the technique by feeling it out and putting your experiences into context.

It’s such a simple technique that Reiki often gets overlooked or under taught. Some classes are 4-hour certifications, and when people leave, they are unclear about what they just learned. Everyone’s learning needs are different and having a guide allows you to really delve into building confidence and intuitive skills.

Confidence is key. I am constantly amazed by people who say they “feel nothing” or think they aren’t doing it right, but then pick up advanced levels of subtle information. It’s trusting that “nothing” — the sensations, feelings or emotions, flashing images– are legit. The logical mind dismisses quiet signals too easily.  (That’s why kids are faster with this type of energy work: they trust new ideas and move on.) Caroline works alongside her students to reinforce their findings, answer questions, facilitate group discussion, and build confidence and trust in their intuition.

What others are saying: “Lovely person and talented practitioner. Intuitively connected.”

Reiki hands on Cat Caroline

Who I Teach

  • Empaths
  • Intuitives
  • Teens / pre-teens
  • Mothers
  • Creatives (writers, dreamers, painters, etc)
  • Nurses (CEUs offered)
  • Healing Arts professionals
  • Those looking to deepen their connection to their inner world
  • Those who were denied their intuition at an early age
  • Those looking to grow

Reiki Level 1: 

(and for Nursing CEUs…)

Reiki for Nurses: Reiki Level 1 — Caring for Anxiety and Burnout

  • Day 1: Attunement: We dive in to our Reiki journey right away! You will receive your Reiki attunement, the process of connecting the Reiki energy to your physical body. From there, you will have your Reiki connection for the rest of your life! Reiki II and Reiki III classes are an extension of everything you learn here.
  •  Treating yourself: Self-care is the foundation. You can do self-treatment anytime, anyplace. Your Reiki hands are a built in emergency kit for sleep, anxiety, stress, headaches, or pain. The more you use the Reiki energy, the stronger it gets.
  • Treating others: Working on other people or animal companions is a lot of fun! You can’t mess up, and you cannot harm anyone. That creates a natural jump-off point for your introduction to energy work. You will also learn to offer a space for people to feel comfortable sharing, allowing the gentle touch, and respecting boundaries (theirs and yours!). Not hard stuff, but important in our modern day practice.
  • Receiving Reiki from others: This is honestly the best part. You get to relax and feel what Reiki is all about. Knowing how to offer Reiki involves knowing how to receive Reiki. Remember: this course is designed to learn through repetition! You will receive Reiki from Caroline, as well as your classmates throughout the course.
    • There is an option for a discounted Reiki package for student signups as well. See the “signup” section for details.
  • History: The history of Reiki since its origins Japan in 1922 is very colorful and winding. It’s fun to see the evolution of how this healing art began, grew, adapted, and traveled. The Reiki precepts and symbols have their own historical context as well.
  • Current uses in the mainstream: Reiki is being practiced in all corners of the globe. There are hospital programs, animal sanctuaries, artists and musicians channeling Reiki, university wellness programs, ongoing research, and much more. There is a lot of conflicting information around this practice, so you will learn how to discern information.
  • Communicate Reiki: Students are taught how to “communicate Reiki” in a way that is simple and easy for others to understand. The “woo-woo” factor, the very esoteric language, turns off a lot of people before they even try Reiki. Students get practical language to use, so it’s easier to share this new technique. Instead of getting a doubtful look from your family members, you may be surprised when they yes to some headache relief!

Nursing CEUs

Reiki for Nurses: Level 1–Caring for Burnout and Stress.* This course is Reiki Level 1 with an emphasis on tracking your weekly self-care progress. This course offers 15.4 CNEs upon completion. There is no additional cost! Let Caroline know prior to starting class that you would like to add this feature. CNEs cannot be added retroactively!

*This activity has been submitted to the American Holistic Nurses Association for approval to award contact hours. The American Holistic Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Course Number 1433.

Reiki Level 2: Learn the symbols & Expand your skills

  • Day 1 Attunement: The first class is always dedicated to your re-connection with Reiki. The Reiki 2 Attunement is a similar style to the Reiki Level 1 Attunement, but 3 symbols are put into your hands. It’s the same energy with an expansion pack. Everyone experiences the Attunements differently. These classes are about exploring your connection to this energy.
  • Notes on Intuition: These are confidential and judgement-free spaces— that way we can explore and share in a way that we feel safe and respected. We have shut down our intuition and inner knowing for so long. When we open back up, especially during Reiki 2 classes, we can feel shy or vulnerable. It may be the first time we share our intuition with another person! Everyone has their own process and their own experiences.
  • Refresh What You Know: Everyone comes to these classes with different levels of experience. Different Reiki instructors, varying levels of use, or gaps in the practice are all normal in group settings. We will refresh anything that needs to be refreshed from level 1. This may include self-treatment, hand positions, scanning, history, the Reiki precepts, or communicating what this work is all about. Reiki is not about memorization; we learn through practice and repetition. Sometimes a little refresher can bring back a lot!
    • If you are not familiar with the any of the basics, consider taking level 1 with me. In Reiki 1, there is a tremendous amount of intuitive development and skill building. We spend time developing this over the 8 week foundation course for treating others.
    • If you are unsure, contact Caroline. You can decide together what feels right for your Reiki journey.
  • Expand Your Skills:  We build off what you know, what you are interested in, and what you are good at! Everyone is good at something and bringing something to the table, whether they know it or not. You’ll be amazed with yourself and your skills by the end.
  • Learn the Symbols: Reiki 2 is classically taught around the symbols. The symbols are tools to make our work more efficient. There is no religious affiliation with these. We discuss the origin and use.  We learn about the mainstream understandings as well as our intuitive understandings of these tools.
    • Power
    • Distance
    • Breaking Habits
  • Potential Uses: Reiki 2 is one of my favorite classes to teach. We do some really deep personal healing and explore the world around us. We can work from far away (through time and space), offer healing to our younger selves, the earth, animals, and even buildings! There is no limit.
    • Healing Old Wounds
    • Working with Animals or Nature
    • Working with Spaces, Buildings, and Landscapes
  • Reiki 2 Certification: At the completion of the 8 weeks, you will receive Reiki Level 2 certification.

Reiki Level 3: Learning the Master Symbols and Teaching Others

  • What is a Reiki Master? Level 3: A Reiki Master is a practitioner who has learned how to teach Reiki to others. Not all Reiki 3 students go on to teach others, and that’s ok! Expanding your skill sets, your spiritual connection, and continued learning are all valid reasons to take this course. Reiki 3 includes the knowledge of the advanced symbols, offering attunements, comfortably sharing this work, and deepening our own path. There are endless way to do this. Teaching others is the best way to comprehend information. But don’t worry if you’re not ready for that! Reiki is often shared among friends and family. And if you want to go professional, we’ll get you ready for that too!
  • Course Objectives: The objectives are:
    • to understand the basics of Reiki 1 & 2
    • to learn the attunements
    • to develop a course outline for teaching Reiki (whether casually to friends and family, professionally, or as a future reference)
    • to communicate the benefits of Reiki, dispel myths, and answer questions from your knowledge base.
  • What is the duration of this course? Reiki Level 3 is 32 hours (16 classes taught roughly over 6 months). Each class is 2 hours. We set up the schedule together with built in breaks.
  • What are the benefits of this class? 
    • To expand your inner knowledge
    • To improve your professional skills (as Reiki professional, massage therapist, nurse, caregiver, etc)
    • Deeply and personally understanding Reiki as a system of healing
    • To share Reiki with others who are in need of stress relief and self-care
    • To create lesson plans and teaching materials in a creative and safe space without “messing up” or “doing it wrong.”
    • To expand your intuitive skills
    • Take your time to learn this technique! Really absorb the material in shorter increments. Weekend workshops are fun, but it can be a challenging learning environment when spiritual, physical, and emotional muck surfaces. Process  and learn without emotionally maxing out.
  • What is the cost? The class is $1550. This includes full course, manual, and 8 Reiki sessions with Caroline.
  • Each student receives a Master Manual and upon completion of the course a Reiki Level 3 Master Certificate. 
  • When is the next Reiki 3 Course offered? Contact Caroline directly. Let’s see if this is a good fit!

What others are saying: “Caroline is amazing – intuitive, caring, insightful, and meticulous. She’s helped me with everything from a sore throat to back pain to communicating with my spirit guides. A true gem!”

Cost and Payments

There are two options for Reiki classes:

AWAKEN: REIKI CLASS (Level 1 or 2) Complete Reiki I or II course. Includes certification and a manual. Total cost $597*

UPLIFT: BONUS PACK: The Reiki class, certification, manual, plus 8 additional weekly Reiki sessions with Caroline throughout the course is a way to fully immerse yourself into what Reiki can do for you! Go deeper with your intuition, clear out stuck patterns, or simply enjoy the extra support during times of change. The bonus Reiki “8-pack” is $300 (normally $600).  Course cost + 8-pack is $896* 

SIGN UP: UPLIFT (class + upgrade)

*Payment plans are available! Awaken: 3 payments of $199/ Uplift: 3 payments of $299.

SIGN UP: AWAKEN (class only)

Class Schedule

Start your Reiki journey now! Courses begin with your inquiries.

Courses are offered for individuals or when small groups come together naturally. There is no disadvantage to learning as an individual. Solo students will have people to practice on, you get fully customized lessons, and you will get to meet other students along the way.

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