Reiki Level I: The first step

Reiki is a gentle technique for stress relief and relaxation. Reiki is Japanese in origin, and it’s simplicity and powerful results have made it popular around the world. Reiki is practical. It can be used for self-care, for family and pets, or even tending the plants in our garden! On a larger scale, over 70 U.S. hospitals have registered Reiki programs driven by consumer demand.  People are feeling relief from their suffering on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Reiki has no religious affiliation. It’s an energy that supports balance in our lives.

Why I Teach

Hi, I’m Caroline! (That’s me below.) Reiki has been quite a journey for me. I honestly never thought I would be where I am today, with a Reiki practice, teaching classes, and telling people about my path. Initially, Reiki was a practical skill during a tough time in my life and dealing with anxiety. Later on, Reiki became a jumping off point for the deeper intuitive work that I do now. But 7 years later, here I am, and I love it.  My skills and confidence have grown, in my work and within myself, and that’s also what I draw out in my students. Teaching Reiki has become a love within a love for me. Guiding people to trust what they are learning is so much fun and pure magic.   You can read my full story here.

What others are saying: “She’s the sweetest!! My Reiki sessions relaxed me so deeply and being attuned to Reiki filled me with anew kind of energy I’d never experienced before.”

Reiki Over the Heart

How I Teach

My students go through 16 hours of contact time for certification. Courses are either taught with either 4 or 8 classes to meet the hours. However, it’s not simply about the contact hours. The course is designed to integrate Reiki into your life and how it will work for you! Everyone uses Reiki differently. It’s adaptability is part of why Reiki is so popular! In between classes, there are at home assignments– or rather, at home explorations. I promise, this will NOT feel like work!

Learning is done through repetition. In between classes, you go home and inadvertently forget everything. You will uncover questions about your Reiki practice and return with new understandings to share too. The classes are built on what you’ve already learned. There is no memorization; however, you will have a deep understanding of the technique by doing it.

It’s such a simple technique that Reiki often gets overlooked or under taught. Some classes are 4-hour certifications, and when people leave, they are unclear about what they just learned. Everyone’s learning needs are different, so Caroline slows her classes way down. Taking the time to integrate what we’ve learned is part of that process. It’s also part of learning through repetition.

Confidence is key. I am constantly amazed by people who say they “feel nothing” or think they aren’t doing it right, but then pick up a lot of subtle information while they are working on others. It’s trusting that “nothing” — those moments of quiet– which takes the conscious mind longer to catch up. It’s very easy to disregard or dismiss the quiet signals.  (That’s why kids are faster learners with this type of energy work: they absorb and move on.) Caroline works alongside her students to reinforce their findings, answer questions, facilitate group discussion, and build confidence and trust in themselves.

What others are saying: “Lovely person and talented practitioner. Intuitively connected.”

Reiki hands on Cat Caroline

Who I Teach

  • Teens / pre-teens and their parents
  • Pregnant women
  • Writers, artists, and musicians
  • Students
  • Nurses
  • Massage therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • People looking to deepen their spiritual connections
  • Anyone who is curious


Reiki Level 1: What You Will Learn

  • Day 1: Attunement: We dive in to our Reiki journey right away! You will receive your Reiki attunement, the process of connecting the Reiki energy to your physical body. From there, you will have your Reiki connection for the rest of your life! Reiki II and Reiki III classes are an extension of everything you learn here.
  •  Treating yourself: Self-care is the foundation. A great aspect of Reiki is that you can treat yourself! Anytime, anyplace.  Your Reiki hands are a built in emergency kit for anxiety, stress, aches, or pain. The more you use the Reiki energy, the stronger it gets.
  • Treating others: Working on other people is a lot of fun! You can’t mess up, and you cannot harm anyone. That creates a natural jump-off point for your introduction to energy work. Another big part of treating others is creating a space for people to feel comfortable sharing, allowing the gentle touch, and respecting boundaries. Not hard stuff, but important in our modern day practice.
  • Receiving Reiki from others: This is honestly the best part. You get to relax and feel what Reiki is all about. Knowing how to offer Reiki involves knowing how to receive Reiki. Remember: this is designed to learn through repetition! You will receive Reiki from Caroline as well as your classmates throughout the course.
    • There is an option for a discounted Reiki package for student signups as well. See the “signup” section for details.
  • History: The history of Reiki since its origins Japan in 1922 is very colorful and winding. It’s really fun to see the evolution of how this healing art began, grew, adapted, and traveled. The Reiki precepts and symbols have their own historical context as well.
  • Current uses in the mainstream: Reiki is being practiced in all corners of the globe. There are hospital programs, animal sanctuaries, artists and musicians channeling Reiki, university wellness programs, ongoing research, and much more. This information is sprinkled throughout to inspire you.
  • Communicate Reiki: Students are taught how to “communicate Reiki” in a way that is simple and easy for others to understand. The “woo-woo” factor, the very esoteric language, turns off a lot of people before they even try Reiki. Students get practical language to use, so it’s easier to share this new technique. Instead of getting the look of doubt from family members, with straightforward explanations those same family members might be open to trying Reiki.

What others are saying: “Caroline is amazing – intuitive, caring, insightful, and meticulous. She’s helped me with everything from a sore throat to back pain to communicating with my spirit guides. A true gem!”

Cost and Payments

There are two options for Reiki I:

AWAKEN: Complete Reiki I course for self-treatment, treating others, and the world around us. Includes certification and a manual. Total cost $597* / $550 Early bird sign up by Jan 15, 2018 

UPLIFT: The Reiki I class, certification, manual, plus 8 additional weekly Reiki sessions with Caroline throughout the course is a way to fully immerse yourself into what Reiki can do for you! Go deeper with your intuition, clear out stuck patterns, or simply enjoy the extra support during times of change. The bonus Reiki “8-pack” is $300 (normally $600).  Course cost + 8-pack is $897* / $850 Early bird sign up by Jan 15, 2015. 

Use coupon code: EARLYBIRD on checkout.



*Payment plans are available! Awaken: 3 payments of $199/ Uplift: 3 payments of $299.

Class Schedule

Current Class Schedule begins on February 7, for 8 Wednesday evenings, from 7-9pm (minus Valentine’s Day).

  • Feb 7
  • (Skip) Feb 14 Valentine’s Day
  • Feb 21
  • Feb 28
  • Mar 7
  • Mar 14
  • Mar 21
  • Mar 28
  • Apr 4

Interested, but those times don’t work? Reiki I class is offered 4 times a year! Sign up below for class postings!

Sign Up

Are you ready to begin your Reiki journey?


RESERVE YOUR SPOT: UPLIFT (+8 Reiki session bonus)

More questions? Email: / Phone: 508.612.9809

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