8-Week Holiday Energy Cleanse for Alcohol

8 Week Energy Cleanse for Alcohol

The 8-week program runs virtually on Tuesdays, Nov 10-Dec 29 from 7:30-9pm. Replays are available if you aren’t able to attend the live meetings. 

The price is $600 with 30% donated to support survivors of domestic abuse.  If you have financial constraints, please email me and we can set up price that is right for you. I would rather you join than miss out!

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Like everything in 2020, holidays are going to be different this year. We don’t have to throw ourselves into the usual chaos. We’ve had time to reflect on many different aspects of our lives, and the holidays present another unique opportunity for healing.

The Energy Cleanse for Alcohol is an 8-week energetic cleanse that aims to reduce stress and resolve the underlying issues around excess alcohol consumption. This is for healing abusive family patterns, bringing mindfulness to daily habits, as well as the “why did I do that?” moments. This is about clearing the struggle and underlying patterns, so you can feel lighter and brighter. 

I’m not asking you to quit drinking. Your job is to set the intention. My job is to move the energies that feel heavy, tired, or no longer serve you. Let’s clear some of those old patterns and see what shifts. I promise, you will feel better. You will feel more relaxed. You will regain a sense of clarity. Alcohol consumption may look totally different for you; or perhaps there’s less anger or shame around what you’ve witnessed.