Reiki On Campus

photo cred: Katie Gay
Presentation of “Healing Anxiety”

As well as working in her office, Caroline enjoys working on campus with college students. When Caroline was going to college, she was introduced to yoga on campus, and many years later, yoga has maintained a foothold in her life. Similarly, offering Reiki on campuses has been extremely rewarding to see young people respond with the same openness and curiosity about Reiki.

Below are several different programs, which can be tailored to the needs of the university and student populations. If you are interested in setting up a wellness program in your school or community, fill out the form at the bottom.

  • Reiki for Women’s Health

Anxiety disorders deeply affect young women, and anxiety is often connected to depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Reiki is a simple, drug-less technique that anyone can learn. Reiki is used to support sleep, relax the mind, connect with physical and emotional needs, and build self confidence. 

The Reiki for Women’s Health Program is a series of workshops and weekly Reiki exchanges that are held over a semester. Women learn the basic techniques for self care and practicing on others. Students are encouraged to explore ways of using Reiki for meditation and sleep. Weekly exchanges with other students ensure that students are receiving regular treatments. Also participants have a shared community to turn to during times of heightened stress and know how to offer practical support to others during these times as well. Reiki Certification is offered upon completion of the program.

  • Walk-in Clinics for At-Risk Students

Walk-in Clinics are designed to target a specific population on campus.  This could be in areas of mental health, crisis support, athletic department, or another group of students that has been identified as needing additional support. The Reiki Walk-in Clinics hold regular hours at a fixed location throughout the year. The office location would be in proximity to the department or support services. The ability to “walk in” as needed provides flexibility for the busy and ever-changing lives of students. Appointments can also be made in advance.

  • Campus Wellness Collaborations 

Campus Wellness Collaborations are part of existing university initiatives around exercise, meditation, and healthy eating.  This program initially introduces students to Reiki through campus-wide events that are assisting students in building a more centered, grounded life.  Students have the opportunity to try Reiki sessions and are given more information and resources on Reiki.  Later, students can deepen their return to where Reiki (and other wellness services) are more permanently located.

The initial contact is done through Pop-Up Clinics which can spring up easily across campus. The Pop-Up Clinics offer mini Reiki session of 10-20 minutes for students who are passing by and would like to recharge. They can be scheduled monthly, at wellness events, parent weekends, during midterms and finals, or around the death of a student or faculty member. These promotional events are in collaboration to bring new students into the existing wellness community.

Programs can be catered to your group, workplace, or university. If you are interested in setting up a wellness program in your school or community, fill out the form below.