September 24, 2020

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki for Quieting the Mind and Letting Go of Negative Emotion 

Distance Reiki helps you gain perspective and feel good

The basics: Distance Reiki sessions are a lovely way to get grounded, remove toxic feelings, understand how to manage your own energy, and receive intuitive insights directly from Caroline. Feeling good is the path to achieving our goals. Sometimes the challenge is to step out of our patterns, and that’s where Reiki can help. Get clear insights on what is happening and remove the root causes of your distress. Underlying causes, family patterns, issues of self worth, childhood traumas are removed to bring you back safely into your body. Clearing this energy is clearing the way towards a healthier version of you. 

How it works: Each Distance Reiki is unique to you. We start with a phone consultation to discuss your concerns– be it health, relationships, family, sleep, career, or anything that feels worrying– and these issues become the center of each session. From there, we hang up, and I begin to work on your energy field. During the session, you can walk, rest, sleep, cook, meditate, or do whatever feels right for you. When the session is complete, Caroline will call back and will relay any messages that will assist in your healing. You will receive a review of what was cleared, and each person will receive ways to move forward and integrate this healing. 

What it feels like: Distance Reiki sessions usually feel peaceful and relaxing. It is a time that allows you to recharge and improve your mood. During the treatment, people often feel contemplative. Some people may fall asleep, feel sad, or relieved as these issues are being released. Others may experience a deeper meditation or a super charge of extra energy. Another big thing people notice is the emotional charge is lessened and the issue feels much manageable. 

How to schedule: The consultation is done by phone, so please include your best contact number. Please let Caroline know if you are using a package or a gift certificate. $125/ 60 minutes. To book an appointment, click the button below. 

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Reiki Home Clearings: On Demand Healings, Whenever You Need Them

Reiki Home Clearings are Distance Reiki programs to let you recharge and move through negative emotion. Reiki is captured through audio recordings that you can listen to anytime. Make continual changes along your journey. Reiki Home Clearings support your confidence, regaining creativity, zest for life, and trusting your sensitivities. Tune in to your inner guidance and stay focused on what is important to you. 

The 30-Day Intensive programs are a deep cleaning of chronic issues around love, money, anxiety, and sleep. Download 30 hours of Reiki to dig out the big issues, so you can let go of those heavy traumas. 

The Monthly Reiki Subscriptions keep you focused and clear as you are evolving. Every week, Distance Reiki audio recordings are available to hit your internal reset button. Let go of belief systems that don’t work, adjust boundaries or relationships, and keep steadily improving.