Reiki for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Connect with your guidance and live you best life

May 2022 classes posted! Reiki Courses: Learn Reiki for yourself and your family. Eight week courses guide you through this gentle, yet powerful healing art. Explore how your intuition works and create balance in your life and the world around.

Schedule your treatment: Play in place of pain. Let’s examine how to open ourselves to a new way of being ourselves, our true nature. Go at your own pace or take a guided tour with Caroline to understand your energy systems in a whole new way. It’s a new world; let’s go there!

Balance Your Energies

Your sensitive nature is your guidance system. When you feel others’ pain, it’s easy to feel it as your own. There’s another way. Balance your system, let go of insecurity, and learn how to navigate the world in a new way.

Feel better right now

60- or 90-minute Reiki treatments will help balance your energy and quiet the mind. Connect with your spirit guides, receive guidance, and recharge your batteries. Click to learn more or schedule your session below.

The Reiki treatment I received from Caroline exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed by Caroline’s talent for clearing and balancing energy in my mind-body. I also deeply appreciated her very clear and accurate intuitive perceptions. My experience was transformational. I highly recommend her if you are seeking healing and growth.


Freedom to explore Reiki on your own terms

These 8 week courses are offered to put healing in your hands. Learn more about your unique skill sets on how to sense the non-physical world around you. Click to learn more or book your course below.

What a wonderful experience learning and sharing with Caroline!

I have been advancing through the Reiki 3 course, and she has been incredibly supportive throughout. I feel that I am really being heard by her, this encourages me to go even deeper into the practice. She is a wonderful support and an amazing teacher. She truly encourages you to be connected to the practice, which I find very important. I couldn’t recommend her more!