Galactic Healing Zone

A final soul update is a galactic term derived from the fellow light beings that are currently guiding Caroline and her journey and spirit team.

How are these beings different from her regular or ongoing spirit team?

The galactic entities are a council that has temporarily joined Caroline in her work across lifetimes. This council is being shepherded in to help a select group of lightworkers across planet Earth. These are not celestial beings. Many of them are from systems of planets across multiple universes that have not openly expressed interest in working with systems or planets in our frequency. Think of these as visiting teachers. Have you ever had someone from a museum teach a 4th grade science class? These “museum guides” are not interested in this work on an ongoing basis, but 4th graders aka Earth-based beings, can be a lively group to work with!

Let’s talk about the work that wants to be done…

Many of these light beings are here to help humanity evolve in particularly troubling areas. Think: money, romantic partnerships, and ongoing mental and emotional health issues. Sometimes these issues are particularly easy once the right tools are in place. However, when someone has an issue that has been going on for a LONG TIME (think: lifetimes), this pattern can be considered a “chronic” issue among star-based planetary healers. This is not strictly for healers, but if you tend to help those among you, this is definitely the place for you to be. Let’s work on these issues, release the struggle, and evolve into an entirely different way that you look at life. Not just look at, but feel and experience life.

How it works / how the sessions are designed to be set up:

Think weekly or biweekly sessions at most. This is a special rate to be done to maximize the celestial awakening as well as harness this particular group of spiritual teachers. Please do not squander this opportunity. If finances are simply not there, or you’d like to discuss a payment option, let’s do this. The time spent is more important than the details that you will discuss inside your mind as a probable way that this can or cannot be completed. In other words, let’s make this work!

The rates are as follows:

12 sessions bought all together is $1200. This can be purchased all at once or as a pay by the session for $125. If your financial need is greater than that, please reach out and discuss what you are willing or open to extend for payment or exchange / barter. This part of flexible payment will be determined on what Caroline feels comfortable with, however she agrees to make it work, wherever possible. Got it?

This is a limited time offer. By the end of October, November, many of these teachers will have migrated. The work is designed to begin this week or the next. Complete the cycle by fall and your magnificence will shine beyond what you or your council members can dream of! We’re excited to work with you. We hope that you are able to join us in this revolutionary expansion across planet Earth.

Be well Earthlings and be one with the stars! Let’s do this!