Reiki Session

“The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don’t wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

The art of Reiki brings peace or contentment

Choose to live your best life, simply because you can. When you will yourself to stop terrorizing yourself, you will have more and more hope for the future. The future is simply a manifestation of your current reality. Knowing that right now is simply the collection of past thoughts and emotions. Be content with where you are right now.

A Reiki session with Caroline will simply bring you back into moments of contentment. She is offering new skills as your nervous system including your mind slows down, sometimes to a halt. Begin with a clear mind, a clean slate, to relax and receive in the direction that you want, rather the direction that you are presently feeling encumbered by.

A Reiki session with Caroline is a simple technique for relaxation, mixed with her intuitive guidance. Everyone learns differently with different interests. Some are interested in connecting with their loved ones who have passed. Others want to get to the root or the heart of the matter. Others still prefer to be led into a place of calm surrender when their minds have dug a hole so deep only a rope or a ladder can be extended into the depths.

Please be patient with yourself as you transform.

As you allow yourself to shift, you may feel great, or wonderful, or poopy, or sleep-induced coma for a proper reset. Sessions are best held monthly, rather than daily or week to week.

Sessions are 75 minutes or 105 minutes.

Rates are as follows:

  • $175/ 75 minutes 
    • $700 / 5 pack
  • $215/ 105 minutes
    • $860 / 5 pack

New Client Special – Take $100 off any 5 pack.

Caroline is wonderful! She’s a gifted intuitive — compassionate, patient, caring. She creates a safe, supportive atmosphere.


As a first time Reiki participant I had no idea what to expect and was a little fearful. From the instant I met Caroline I knew I was in good hands (figuratively and literally!). My session with her was amazing and the night following our session I had the first joyful dream I’ve experienced in five years. I can’t wait for our next sessions. A+++