Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a simple technique for relaxation. Reiki calms the mind and the nervous system. This allows us to recharge and tune into our guidance system. Find out what’s really going on to make lasting changes.

The treatment: Reiki sessions are 60 or 90 minutes. Sit down with Caroline for a few minutes to share your concerns. From there, you move to the Reiki table and bliss out.

Reiki is done either with light touch or working above the body. Caroline works over major joints and organs, guides you through simple breathing exercises, and occasionally a guided meditation. Sometimes sessions are designed to show you simple techniques to manage your energy; sometimes sessions are purely restorative.

Every session is different. In this relaxed state, you may feel energy moving through your body. Some people fall asleep; others drift into a dream-like consciousness. There is no right or wrong way. Caroline receives a lot of information, from what is stored internally, past lives, and downloads. Some of this information includes practical steps you can implement to improve your daily experience.

When the Reiki session is complete, Caroline will encourage a few breaths and let you know the session is complete. She will step out of the room to allow you a moment to yourself. When Caroline returns, there is brief check in, a recap of the issues that surfaced, and any messages that came through.

Everyone heals differently. One session can bring immediate relief. Typically, a series (5 or 10 sessions) are recommended for a paradigm shift. Packages are available and valid for one year.

Treatments are 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

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