What is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple technique for relaxation and balance. It calms the mind and allows us to shift away from our body’s “fight or flight” mode and into our “rest and restore” mode. Reiki allows us to move that heaviness that we can carry with us; it offers a way for us to let go. It feels like an emotional detox.

Reiki is done through light touch. Clients typically will lay on a massage table, fully dressed, while the practitioner works quietly, working through hand positions that cross major joints and organs. Treatments range anywhere from 30-90 minutes. However, among friends or family, it may look simpler: the resting of one’s own hands on an aching belly, a father treating his son’s headache, or treating a pet that isn’t feeling well. Anyone can receive Reiki, and anyone can learn Reiki.

While Japanese in origin, Reiki does not have religious dogma or affiliation. Some practitioners may have specific spiritual beliefs, however, you should only work with someone that you feel comfortable with.

People often ask, “but what is Reiki?” which is a harder question to answer. There are two definitions. One is the system of Reiki, which includes the lineages, the history, the hand placements, et cetera. The other definition is a very specific type of healing energy. There are many ways to understand this: wind is one form of energy and lightning is another; laughter is different than the feeling of contemplation; musical notes are easily distinguishable to the trained ear. There are many types of energies in this world, and Reiki is simply one of them.

But really, the best way to understand Reiki is to experience it. Try it and see.

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