Moving Made Easy

Reiki for New Homes is a 3-session series that uses Distance Reiki to help you settle into your new home. These Distance Reiki sessions are offered via phone (no home visits!) to work on your personal challenges. Whether you are about to close on a home or still unpacking from a year ago, we can find ways to assist the process.

couple carrying cardboard boxes in living room

Create A Comfortable Place To Live For You And Your Family

New homes have so much potential, but this period of time can feel overwhelming and disorienting. Having all your belongings scattered and unorganized is disruptive. This Distance Reiki series is like having a calm and organized personal assistant that keeps you relaxed and focused during this period of change.

Benefits include:

  • Unpacking, unfinished projects
  • Reduce procrastination, anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce stress
  • Freshen up the rooms that feel “weird”
  • Blessing the Spirit of the Home
  • Reduce family tension
  • Refreshing houses that are sitting on the market

3 sessions/ $300

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Caroline’s interview on Energy Matters Radio!