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Nov 23, 2018Gauri of Gauri’s Mantra Meditation. In today’s show, Caroline talks with Jyotish Astrologer, Gauri of Gauri’s Mantra Meditation. They discuss how eastern astrology uses charts as a rGaurioadmap of our lives, as a way to look into our karma, how Jyotish astrology is related to yoga and Ayurveda, the use of mantra in pop culture versus its Sanskrit origins as vibrational healing, and much more! Tune in to Energy Matters on 103.3 FM WXOJ Northampton, MA.


Nov 16, 2018. Joan Pillsbury of Green Burial Massachusetts. Today in Energy Matters, Caroline talks with Joan Pillsbury of Green Burial MA. Joan PillsburyThe discuss the basics of green burials, the environmental impact of conventional burial practices, how the Civil War influenced the current practices, what is a “greener” burial, planning your green burial in advance, and how to discuss this topic with family members. Tune in for a great show!


Nov 9, 2018Laura Campagna. Today in Energy Matters, Caroline interviews Laura Campagna, a Western astrologer, energy healer, and tarot reader.Laura Campagna Topics discussed include: praying for guidance, identifying as a witch, Vortex Healing, Merlin tradition, “feel it to heal it,” the history of tarot, the way to get the most from your tarot reading, teaching people how to “get off the book” in giving readings, and much more! Stay tuned for a great show!


Nov 2, 2018 Dan Winter, Toward Harmony Qi Gong and Tai chi. In today’s show, Caroline interviews Dan Winter of Toward Harmony Qigong and Tai Chi. Dan Winter, Toward HarmonyThe discussion ranges from the origins of these practices, how standing and posture affect chi, the feel of beauty, the ease and flow of the Water Tradition, how tai chi influences dance, and the 70% rule as it extends to athletes. Tune in for a great show!


Oct 10, 2018 Michelle Ryan. On today’s show, Caroline interviews Michelle Ryan, founder of the yoga collective Ashtanga Yoga Northampton. We learn more about what is aMichelle Ryanshtanga, how the Mysore tradition differs from other yoga practices, running a teacher-owned yoga cooperative, dealing with conflict in a collective, the moon days tradition, as well as the community book club and cleanses. Tune in for a great show!



Sept 26, 2018. Hannah Jacobson-Hardy. In this episode of Energy Matters, Caroline interviews Hannah Jacobson-Hardy of Sweet Birch Herbals. Hannah Jacobson-HardyHannah talks about community herbal medicine, the gift economy model, her early introduction to herbs at UMass Amherst, learning about herbs from books versus learning from the plants directly, plant spirit journeys, and her range of herbal products, including Full Moon Ghee!


Sept 14, 2018Tzivia Gover. Caroline talks with Tzivia Gover, dream therapist, author, educator and poet. Tzivia GoverThey discuss the value of dreams, how mindfulness can affect day and nighttime, how dreams can help us understand our deeper selves, how professionals can benefit from learning how to work with dreams, Institute for Dream Studies, as well as Tzivia’s latest book.


Aug 29, 2018Kyle Ricci. Caroline sits down to talk with Kyle Ricci, Reiki Master Teacher about Reiki! Kyle RicciWe talk about what is Reiki, how our body’s energy centers work, how he learned Reiki as a child (from his mom), and Kyle’s current work with oncology at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Cancer Connection. Tune in for a great show!


Aug 15, 2018. Ruth Folchman. Caroline talks with Dr. Ruth Folchman, clinical psychologist and certified group psychotherapist, about everyday mindfulness. Dr. Ruth FolchmanWe learn more about her classes in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression (MBCT) and how they can help around handling our emotions, while driving, dealing with family, and money.


Aug 1, 2018Craig Fear. Caroline interviews Craig Fear of Fearless Eating, blogger and cookbook author. Craig FearWe chat about Craig’s career change from nutritional coach to cookbook author, writing for a career, how to monetize your website,  how we can heal our gut health with bone broths, travels in Thailand, Thai recipes, and Craig’s latest cookbook!


July 4, 2018Lori Schott. Caroline interviews Lori Schott, licensed esthetician and owner of Euphoria Float and Skin Care. Lori SchottThey discuss the different types of sun blocks, the chemical ban in sunscreens that affects our oceans and coral reefs, safe skin care practices, and how to decipher what is actually inside your skin care products. Tune in for this informative show!


June 20, 2018Melissa Stevens. Today, Caroline chats with Melissa Stevens of Sweet Melissa’s, a vegan chef. She talks about her meal delivery service Dharma Delights, Melissa Stevenswhat the “whole food, plant-based” lifestyle is all about, how her journey through dermatology drove her to experiment with eating, how she healed her acne, as well as her favorite recipes and how to throw a vegan dinner party.



June 6, 2018 Brittany Wood Nickerson. Caroline chats with Brittany Wood Nickerson of Thyme Herbal. Brittany Wood NickersonBrittany talks about her cookbook “Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen” and shares a simple, nourishing recipe. She also talks about her creative process, what it means to “hold space,” how to eat with intention, how “food as medicine” informs her recipes, as well as the evolution of her writing, zines, posters, and workshops.

May 23, 2018Kristin Anthony. Caroline sits down with Kristin Anthony, a somatic therapist, to talk about her journey with Lyme Disease. Kristin, a body-centered somatic therapist, examines how her work deeply influenced her journey of self-discovery tKrisitn Anthonyhrough the trials of Lyme. This conversation includes a discussion of Lyme symptoms, the course of treatment, how she advocated for herself during this time, how she dealt with the fear, and how somatic therapy allowed her to stay present with her body and emotions when things got challenging.



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