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Meet the Host of Energy Matters

2564Caroline Ruderman, Reiki Master Teacher, natural intuitive, and host of Energy Matters on Valley Free Radio 103.3FM Northampton. Energy Matters interviews professionals in the health and wellness field, live every Friday 4-5pm.

 Get to know what the Pioneer Valley has to offer! 

Caroline has been a Reiki professional since 2011. Her intuition and skill at moving energy has led her to become one of the top Reiki practitioners. She is available for private sessions and classes.



Energy Matters Archives

September 24, 2021. Leslie Cerier. On today’s episode of Energy Matters, The Organic Gourmet’s Leslie Cerier joins us to talk about luscious living with food. Leslie is a self-taught vegetarian chef, cookbook author, teacher, and public speaker. She gives us insights on intuitive cooking, how to maintain our creative flow, and really honoring what our body wants and doesn’t want. This slow mindful pacing has informed her career choices, her book writing, and recipe creation. Tune in for a great show! 

September 17, 2021. Arden Sundari. Today on Energy Matters Arden Sundari, yoga therapist and yogini, returns to explore the connection between the polyvagal nervous system and our ancestral ties. She begins to unpack epigenetics (the non-coding DNA) and how we inherit 14 generations of personality and behavioral patterns. Arden begins to examine how we can transform these inherited patterns through calming our nervous system. She also connects this work to our current race relations in our country. Tune in a great show!

September 10, 2021. Willie Crosby. Today on Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with Willie Crosby, founder, grower, and educator of Fungi Ally. Willie talks about he began growing mushrooms and how his business evolved into supporting others to cultivate and forage their own. From spawn to foraging to grow kits, we cover a range of ways to do that. Willie also speaks to the rise of popularity of mushrooms in our culture, from a culinary perspective as well as our spiritual evolution. Tune in for a great show! 

September 3, 2021. Sunshine Beeson. This week on Energy Matters, Caroline chats with return guest Sunshine Beeson! Sunshine breaks down the qualities of our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and the shadow sides to both. Understanding these archetypal energies allows us to heal ourselves and understand a healthy polarity in our relationships. Tune in for a great show! 

August 28, 2021. Chris Sturk. On this week’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with Chris Sturk, who offers sound therapy for yoga and meditation. Chris talks about his lifelong love of music and how that transitioned into sound healing. He talks about how he sets intentions, when instruments “want” to play, and how binaural beats work. In addition to offering live sound journeys in gardens or at music festivals, Chris recently released an album of binaural beats called Sounds for Wellbeing. Grab your headphones and tune in for a great show!

August 6, 2021. Lynn Simonds. On today’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline and summer co-host Marietta Skeen sit down to talk with death doula and hospice volunteer Lynn Simonds. Through dealing with her own mother’s passing, Lynn learned how to deal with grief through music and song writing. This paved the way for her training as a death doula many years later. Lynn talks about how she understands some of the ancient practices of keening, hired mourners, and how primal sounds can assist in the grieving process. There’s a lot of basic education on alternatives to traditional funerals as well. Tune in for a great show!

July 30, 2021. Nicole Goldsmith. Today on Energy Matters, Caroline talks with Nicole Goldsmith, esthetician and proprietor of Parallel Skin Spa. Nicole discusses how our internal world is the foundation of beauty. While doing waxing and facials, she folds in spiritual aspects into her work, including Reiki, crystal grids, sound healing. In turn, taking care of our external can help us feel confident and feed into that “soul glow.”  Nicole talks about the expansion of her spa into an event space for yoga and sound healing. Tune in for a great show!

July 23, 2021. Nini Melvin. Caroline sits down with Nini Melvin and summer guest host Marietta Skeen. Nini discusses her work understanding ourselves within the 5 Elements of fire, water, wood, earth, air/metal. How we understand our unique “recipe” of these elements allows us to live fully and with more authenticity. With Nini’s 40 years of shiatsu experience she shares how the meridians are in service to the heart and how this practical information not just those who want be a shiatsu practitioner. Tune in for a great show! 

July 16, 2021. Jen Parmentier of Sacred Roots Healing. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Jen Parmentier and Michelle Eastman of Sacred Roots Healing. Jen and Michelle talk about the dynamic they shared while growing and supporting each other in business and life. They also discuss the aerial yoga, seeing the potential in people, and the upcoming teacher training program. Tune in for a great show! 

July 9, 2021. Adam Brady. Today on Energy Matters, Caroline and summer co-host Marietta Skeen sit down with Dr. Adam Brady. Adam is a classically trained physical therapist that looks at healing the body mechanically as well as emotionally. He talks about the different maps of the body, the body’s response to holding pain, and how some of his teachers got him thinking differently about the evolution of our healing hands.  Adam recently opened a larger practice in Easthampton, MA and discusses how he’s excited to have a work family. Tune in for a great show!

July 2, 2021. Erin Tullar. Host Caroline Ruderman sits down with Erin Tullar of Rose Quartz Mediumship. Erin is a gifted psychic medium talks about what happens during a reading, what it’s like to hold space for people at end of life versus communicating with spirit, the importance of shadow work, and her workshops and longer programs to help people uncover their gifts. Tune in for a great show! 

June 25, 2021. Anna Brooke. On today’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with Anna Brooke to talk about her new book, “Stripped Down: How Burlesque Led Me Home.” Anna talks about the stage as a place of vulnerability, giving it your all, and how this helped her overcome body shame and an eating disorder. We also discuss another form of healing dance called Wu Dao, where Anna Brooke is the only teacher of this technique in the U.S. Tune in for a great show! 

June 11, 2021. Zan Ottaway. On today’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline sits down to talk with animal communicator Zan Ottaway! Zan talks about her intuitive training and how she came to strengthen her connection with animals. Zan also talks about the way she sends and receives information from pets and spirits. Tune in for a great show! 

May 28, 2021. Kim Raven Pearson. On today’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with Kimberly Raven Pearson, medium, Reiki practitioner, and witch along the Celtic Druid path. Kim talks about how her ancestry plays a role in her spiritual tradition, how she returned to herself after a controlling relationship, and how her mediumship and intuitive development helped her build more authentic relationships and a healthy sense of self. Tune in for a great show! 

May 21, 2021. Chris Marano. Chris Marano of Clearpath Herbals returns to Energy Matters to discuss his new book on Chinese herbs. He discusses his process of getting to know the herbs and why he decided to take some time off to delve into his writing. Chris also shares some of his experience treating Lyme disease and his Lyme Aid formula to help combat emergency tick bites post-care. Tune in for a great show! Episode coming soon! 

May 14, 2021. Maria Malaguti. We sit down with Maria Malaguti, the founder of the Lyme Disease Resource Center in Northampton, MA. Maria discusses her diagnosis in the 1990s with Lyme Disease and how she became a hub for people looking for support. Maria talks about her journey with western medicine, research, and holistic care. Despite her disability, she built health into her business plan, limiting her availability and allowing for rest, while growing this much needed non-profit. Tune in for this inspiring story of finding a new version of health. 

May 7, 2021. Fred Bogin. Today on Energy Matters, Caroline welcomes co-host Beth Pellettieri to chat with Fred Bogin, retired pediatrician and hypnotherapist for kids. Fred talks about the myths of hypnotherapy and how children can tap into mental imagery to feel empowered, overcome challenges, and develop skills. The process is effective from needle phobia, bed wetting, and even warts! Tune in for a great interview! 

April 23, 2021. Candice Hozza. Today on Energy Matters, Caroline chats with Candice Hozza, business intuitive and spiritual strategist. Candice talks about her work with the Akashic Records and does a mini reading for a guest! Tune in for a great show! 

April 16, 2021. Winifred Tannetta. On today’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline chats with return guest Winifred Tannetta of the Witching Well. Winifred talks about the decision to transition her brick and mortar shop an online group and how intuition assisted her. The Witching Well supports individuals who want to explore a nature-based spirituality. Winifred discusses what that looks like in her life including night gardening! Tune in for a great show! 

April 9, 2021. Jessica Kern. On today’s show, Caroline and Beth sit down with Neuromuscular massage therapist Jessica Kern to talk about healing pain quickly and effectively through trigger points and fascia. As an adolescent, Jess learned how to relieve pain for her horse, and this early experience began a lifelong quest to understand the mechanism of the body to relieve pain. Jess supports clients live pain free and teaches humans techniques to increase their physical wellbeing. Tune in for a great show! 

April 2, 2021. Michelle Huber. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Michelle Huber, Feldenkrais and Circling facilitator. Michelle talks about how these different methods bring awareness to the body. Coming from a background in dance, Michelle wanted to learn how to move better and found these two modalities. Michelle walks us through a Circling exercise that listeners can practice with a partner. Tune in for a great show! 

April 1, 2021. Caroline Ruderman and Beth Pellettieri. On today’s show, Caroline Ruderman and Beth Pellettieri catch up! They discuss the seasonal pause between post-winter, early-spring, what that looks like and what that feels like. Beth leads us through a technique called the Body Compass to help gain awareness of our internal navigation. Caroline discusses some important legislation in Massachusetts around holistic healing. Tune in for a great episode! 

March 26, 2021. Amar Fuller. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Amar Fuller, owner of Graced by Green. Amar is a health educator, raw food chef, and gardener, and she talks about her transition from running a daycare center to expanding her offering with nutrition and wellness. Nestled in Leverett, Amar shares her favorite ways to cleanse, sprouting, and how the power of green offered healing in her life too. Tune in for a great show! 

March 19, 2021. 3 Elite Mentoring. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with 3 Elite Mentoring (comprised of Darlene Van de Grift, Jodi Banks, and Richard Towey) a group of healing professionals that assist you in tackling your biggest blocks. We discuss the different roles that each person takes, the process of healing, and how this group created its collaboration. Tune in for a great show!

 March 12, 2021. John Perdrizet. Today on Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with John Perdrizet of The Sanctuary Animal Clinic. We talk about all things vaccine! John helps us understand the “cross species jump” that happened and what’s been happening at his professional practice. John recently had his research published on using vaccines on the body’s immune points. This is John’s second visit on the show!

March 5, 2021. Jodi Sternoff Cohen. Today on Energy Matters, Caroline chats with Jodi Sternoff Cohen, nutritionist and author of Essential Oils To Boost the Brain and Heal the Body. Jodi talks about how essential oils played a pivotal role after burnout and personal collapse. Jodi discusses how essential oils can easily cross the blood brain barrier and quickly impact the functions of the nervous system. Jodi also discusses methods to apply essential oils and easy ways to pick which ones work best for you!

February 26, 2021. Beth Tascione, Yoga and Reiki. Today on Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with yoga instructor Beth Tascione. Beth talks about the importance of using yoga to bring mindfulness to our daily movements. She also discusses how she came to Reiki and how she weaves that practice into her restorative yoga classes. Tune in for a great show!

February 19, 2021. Lo Fitzgibbons, Sex and Relationship Therapy. Caroline sits down with sex and relationship therapist Lo Fitzgibbons to talk about good therapy support for the LGBTQ+ community. LO talks about the labyrinth of self-love and what it means to be deeply connected to ourselves as the foundation for healthy relationships of all types. Tune in for a great show!

February 12, 2021. Eric Almeida, EFT. Caroline and co-host Beth Pellettieri sit down with Eric Almeida, EFT specialist to talk about all thing tapping! Eric, a former therapist, shares how EFT helped him after a panic attack at work left him unable to return to his former life. Eric walks us through how tapping works, the various tapping points, and a live demo! Caroline and Beth share their experiences with Eric’s work as well.

February 5, 2021. Sunshine Beeson, Iridology. On today’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with Sunshine Beeson to talk about the science of iridology, a diagnostic tool to examine health through the eyes. A healer for 40 years, Sunshine discusses the range of her work from her trainings all the way to her supplemental emotional healing techniques that she developed along the way. Tune in for a great show!

January 29, 2021. Marietta Skeen. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Reiki Master and Body Centered Psychotherapist Marietta Skeen. Marietta discusses how her studies at Naropa University shaped her professional practices, the style of meditation that she landed on, and guides us through a short meditation! Tune in for a great show!

January 22, 2021. Fritha PengellyOn today’s show, Caroline and co-host Beth Pellettieri welcomes Fritha Pengelly to discuss her work with the Feldenkrais method and EFT. Fritha discusses how Feldenkrais supported her body with dance, her self study within the art of walking, and how our emotions are held in the physical form. Tune in for a great show!

January 15, 2021. Laurel Turk. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with acupuncturist Laurel Turk. Laurel has been a fixture in the Pioneer Valley healing arts scene for many years, and she shares what has kept her motivated. Laurel discusses how women can take care of themselves before menopause kicks in.

January 8, 2021. Gauri of Gauri’s Mantra Meditation. On today’s show, Caroline sits down again with Gauri to deepen our knowledge of Jyotish or eastern astrology and mantra meditation. Caroline also receives a mini reading on her money forecast, so you can get a feel for the process and how to discuss your concerns with an astrologer.

December 25, 2020. Beth Pellettieri and Caroline Ruderman. On this episode of Energy Matters, Caroline and Beth sit down to discuss renewal and intention setting. Beth walks us through 4 simple steps and Caroline follows up with a guided meditation for added clarity. Step up your game with this one!

Dec 11, 2020. Kelly Vogel. On today’s show, Caroline and co-host Beth sit down to chat with Kelly Vogel. Kelly discusses what uncovering your voice can look and sound like. Kelly guides us through several warm up exercises to understand how sound resonates in our body and what that means to truly connect with the healing power of our voice. Tune in for a great show!

Nov 27, 2020. Brian Michaud. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Brian Michaud to talk about a big topic: financial wellness. Brian talks about how to release the worry and achieve peace of mind. Education is a huge piece of the puzzle here and learning to navigate what’s important to your financial future based on three simple questions.  Brian also talks about how he found his second career in retirement planning and the stigma around money. Tune in for a great show!

Nov 13, 2020. Caroline Ruderman. On this week’s episode of Energy Matters, Beth Pellettieri co-hosts and interviews Caroline Ruderman! Caroline discusses her work as a Reiki teacher and natural intuitive, how she fell into this work.  Caroline talks about her new Distance Reiki program that supports us after a big move. Caroline also talks about the Spirit of the House and walks us through a simple exercise to connect with our home. Tune in for a great episode!

Nov 6, 2020. Emily Fox. Caroline welcomes dance instructor Emily Fox! Emily specializes in social dance and “Shake Your Soul” classes. Learn all about what it means to connect with a dance partner, what the “wedding dance” represents for people, and how beginners come away feeling confident and prepared for the “all eyes on them” moment at the wedding. Tune in for a great show!

Oct 30, 2020. Tzivia Gover. Caroline welcomes back Tzivia Gover, dream therapist, author, and poet to Energy Matters! On this episode, Tzivia talks about how we can deal with nightmares, understand what they’re trying to tell us, and use them to confront our fears. She also discusses how natural cycles affect our dreams, how the pandemic has affected people’s dreams, and how we can use our dreams to help us live a healthier life!

Oct 23, 2020. Katie Dixon-Gordon. On this week’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with researcher and clinical psychologist Katie Dixon-Gordon. What makes someone with Borderline Personality Disorder different than “normal” people? Not much, really. Dealing with emotions is a skill. Katie talks about her ongoing research study to help people with their mental health using mindfulness. Using the drug-free approach called Dialetical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Katie and her team at UMass Amherst offer free therapy to individuals who qualify for this paid study on people who experience big emotions and self-harm. Learn all about this awesome work that’s helped change people’s lives.

Oct 16, 2020. Sally Morgan. This week on Energy Matters, Caroline welcomes Sally Morgan, a holistic physical therapist for pets and people. Sally has been practicing the Tellington Touch or TTouch method on animals for over 30 years, and she’s here to teach us a few tricks to support the animals in our lives. Sally reminds us that animals are our teachers and recognizes that animals understand more than we are often ready to acknowledge. Tune in for a great episode!

Oct 9, 2020. Beth Pellettieri and Carleen Eve Fischer Hoffman. Caroline splits the hour with two guests this week: Carleen Eve Fischer Hoffman and Beth Pellettieri! Carleen is a professional organizer and Reiki practitioner and she discusses her journey with Lyme, balancing health and work, and offers some tips for seasonal organizing. Beth, a life coach, discusses the challenges of self-care during pandemic parenting, finding ways to meet our needs within the family, and taking off the pressure with “turtle steps” and several ways to knock self-care off the “to do list.”

October 2, 2020. Katherine Harris. This week on Energy Matters, Caroline sits down with Katherine Harris to discuss her intuitive, body positive weight loss program Weight Loss for Goddesses. Katherine, a nurse, energy worker, and certified aromatherapist, talks about the 8 points that create a strong connection with a healthy mindset and what the body is asking for. Katherine also talks about her personal journey with food and weight loss and why she developed this approach to support others going through the process. Join us for a great show!

September 18, 2020Kathleen Farris. In this week’s episode, Caroline welcomes back psychic medium Kathleen Farris to the show. Kathleen discusses turning off the negative self talk, her new podcast, and her favorite aspects of teaching psychic development. Kathleen shares some of her most frequently asked questions and why she loves being part of “family reunions” with our loved ones who crossed. Here is Kathleen’s first visit on Energy Matters. Tune in for a great show!

September 11, 2020. Ami Jean Aubin. On today’s show, Caroline chats with Ami Jean about the art of forest bathing. Ami Jean discusses her natural gravitation to nature during her healing journey. She also talks about stretching the senses, expanding the peripheral vision, and leading these practices for groups in the hilltowns of Western Mass. Ami Jean’s background in tracking creates a safe space for people to relax and connect with the power of nature. Tune in for a great show!

August 7, 2020. Jaimee Roncone. On this week’s episode, Caroline sits down with Jaimee Roncone of The Healing Tree Health and Wellness Center. Jaimee, a business owner and Health and Wellness Navigator, discusses learning to rest, her multiple breast cancer diagnoses, and how she navigates wellness in her own life — and how she does that for others. Tune in for a great show!


July 31, 2020. Susan Maycock. Caroline sits down with Susan Maycock, author,susan maycock artist, shaman, and inspirational speaker to discuss her program Living Upwards and new book “After Rain.” She talks about the significance of spirals throughout her life as well in the cycles of intentional living. Susan also reads an excerpt from her book and shares her process of writing. Tune in for a great show!


July 24, 2020. Artemis Luna Muise. Caroline sits down with Artemis Luna Muise, aArtemis Luna Muise biodynamic craniosacral therapist, to discuss living with an invisible disability, how a serious illness shaped their understanding of spirit, and what it means to hold space for other people to heal. Tune in for a great show!


July 17, 2020. Kerrie Bodendorf. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Kerrie Bodendorf, MELTKerrie Bodendorf master instructor, to discuss connective tissue or fascia, chronic pain, and a simple technique to manage our bodies as we age. After dealing with her own pain, physical limitations, and fear, Kerrie learned how to MELT and heal herself. Kerrie leads us through a standing assessment and talks about her classes have gone virtual since the pandemic. Tune in for a great show!


July 10, 2020. Priya Zander Fox. Caroline sits down with Priya Zander Fox, energy healer and holistic counselor. Priya talks about how an early death propelled her into learning about consciousness, how she explains listening with her entire body, as well as her training at the Barbara Brennan School in the 90s. Tune in for a delightful show!


June 26, 2020. Paula Barron, Bodyworker and Nurse. On today’s show, Caroline Paula Barronsits down with Paula Barron, Nurse and Bodyworker, to discuss lymphatics and how important detox is to our health. Paula discusses food and environmental allergies, coffee, and the ways our bodies communicate. She talks about how the drive to support her daughter’s health became the driving force into alternative health. Tune in for a informative show!


June 19, 2020. Sue Recos, Reflexology. On this episode of Energy Matters, Caroline chats Sue Recoswith reflexologist Sue Recos. Sue discusses the difference between ear, feet, and hand points, the hand map, and how we can work on ourselves and our loved ones. She points to reflexology as a tool for pain relief, emergencies, and healthy aging. Tune in for a great show!


June 13, 2020. John Coan, Energy Medicine, Psychosynthesis. On today’s show, John CoanCaroline sits down with John Coan, Energy Medicine practitioner. He discusses his transition as a psychotherapist to doing Energy Medicine. John offers tips to stay grounded, daily energy practices, and insights on the energetics of depression and jet lag. John also discusses how he navigates his healing sessions with his intuition. Tune in for a great show!

June 5, 2020. Stacy Every, Massage therapy. On today’s show, Caroline talks with Stacy Everymassage therapist Stacy Every about hospice and oncology massage as well as massage related to COVID-19. Stacy discusses her journey into home visits, working with people who are suffering while maintaining her energetic health, and how she transitioned from teaching in a public school to massage therapy. Tune in for a thoughtful show!


May 29, 2020Saralee Hofrichter, Vibrational Therapist. On today’s show, Saralee HofrichterCaroline sits down with Saralee Hofrichter, a skin care specialist and vibrational therapist who works with Reiki, crystals, and sound healing. Saralee discusses her early healings while offering facials to expanding her study of her three vibrational offerings. Saralee offers a short soundbath and talks about her chakra series. Tune in for a great show!


May 15, 2020.  Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo, Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Dr Phuntsog WangmoMedicine. On today’s show, Caroline chats with the Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo, the Director of the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine. Menpa talks about how Tibetan medicine doctors are treating COVID-19 patients. She discusses how many people are being helped through diet, herbs, mantra, and an hour-by-hour protocol helps patients throughout the stages of the virus. Tune in for an informative show!

May 8, 2020. Shinshii Janet Aalfs, Lotus Peace Arts. On today’s show, Caroline sits Janet Aalfs Heron's Bridgedown with Shinshii Janet Aalfs, writer, Northampton Poet Laureate, movement artist, and founder of the Lotus Peace Arts at the Heron’s Bridge. Janet discusses the origins of martial arts, reads some of her poetry, and how during her during her travels she noticed that movement and martial arts transcends language.  She also shares some simple exercises to help with anxiety, and how she found this work over 40 years ago. Tune in for a great show!

May 1, 2020. Linda Tumbarello, Body-Mind Psychotherapist and Author. On today’s Linda Tumbarelloshow, Caroline sits down with Linda Tumbarello, a body-mind psychotherapist and author of The Women’s Guide to Joyful Living. She discusses the anxiety around the pandemic, the surfaces grief, and ways that we can be present during these changing times. Linda talks about her early training in body centering, the Five Minute Helpers from her book, and what inspired her book! Tune in for a great show!

March 24, 2020. Jess Groneman, Homebirth Midwife and Postpartum Doula. On Jess Gronemantoday’s show, Caroline sits down with Jess Groneman, a homebirth midwife, community herbalist, and postpartum doula. Jess talks about her early training as a midwife apprentice, the first birth she witnessed, allowing freedom of expression to the birther, and the importance of the web of support during postpartum care in the fourth trimester. Tune in for a great show!

March 17, 2020.  David Stuckey D.O. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with David Stuckey D.O. to discuss the foundations of osteopathy. David talks about his early training David Stuckeywith massage therapy and craniosacral therapy, how manual skills enhance the movement and function of the body, and why he was inspired to become a doctor of osteopathy. Tune in for an informative show!


March 10, 2020. Sally Morgan, Physical Therapist for Pets. On today’s episode, Caroline sits down with Sally Morgan, author and physical therapist for pets and people. Sally discusses some of her techniques including cranio-sacral therapy and Tellington TTouch, how behavior issues are actually our animals communicating, and how her frustrations training her horse brought her into this world. Stay tuned for a great show!

March 3, 2020. Tony(a) Lemos, Blazing Star Herbal School. On today’s show, CarolineTony(a) Lemos sits down with Tony(a) Lemos the owner of Blazing Star Herbal School to discuss how she began studying natural therapies, running an established herbal school as a budding herbalist, her favorite herbal allies and deep nourishment, what the 1-year herbal apprenticeship looks like, and some readily available lung supporting plants for respiratory health.


March 14, 2020.  Carleen Eve Fischer Hoffman, The Clutter Doctor. On today’s show, Carleen Eve Fischer HoffmanCaroline sits down with Carleen Eve Fischer Hoffman of The Clutter Doctor. Carleen discusses how she got into this work and the down and dirty details of what decluttering and reorganization really looks like and how it heals. She talks about hoarding and shares some field stories. Carleen also offers some useful tips for organizing!

March 7, 2020. Winifred Costello, AwenTree. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Winifred CostelloWinifred Costello, owner of the metaphysical magick shop the AwenTree in Easthampton, MA. Winifred talks about her early introduction to spirituality, how she blends earth-based traditions to connect with the world around her, as well as the forming of her shop and online classes. Tune in for an awesome show! 


February 28, 2020. Lynn Curry, Acupuncture. On today’s show, Caroline chats with Lynn CurryLynn Curry, an acupuncturist of over 20 years. We discuss the evolution of acupuncture of when Lynn first began training versus what it looks like now. Lynn talks about why she loves this work so much, what kept her motivated over the course of her career, and the dynamics of “fixing” our bodies versus “healing.” Tune in for a great show!


February 21, 2020. Alison Fornes, Family Constellations. On today’s show, Caroline Alison Fornesinterviews a Family Constellations facilitator Alison Fornes. Alison talks about how we can process issues in our lives through the lens of the family dynamics. As a former biology teacher, she teaches workshops on how to use intellect, instinct, and intuition to access our sensory perception to recognize and heal what’s going on in our lives. Tune in for a great show!

February 14, 2020. Jennifer Gehl, Harmonic Astrologer. On today’s show, Caroline sits Jennifer Gehldown with Jennifer Gehl of Sound Works to talk about using sound to heal planetary influences. Jennifer discusses her training as a classical musician, how astrology helped her self-discovery, the Extraordinary Vessels, Acutonics, and how her passions collided into her work today. We also talk about her latest book on the newly discovered planet Sedna and its importance to healing our planet. Stay tuned for a fabulous show!

February 7, 2020. Michele Lyman, Serenity Yoga. On today’s show, Caroline sits down Michele Lymanwith Michele Lyman to talk about her yoga studio Serenity Yoga in South Hadley, MA. Michele talks about her transition from corporate accounting to yoga teacher, her early training, and teaching yoga to brand new students. They discuss the challenges and successes of running a yoga studio and what it means to run a business doing something you love.

January 31, 2020. Kate Hennessey, Massage Therapy. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Kate Hennessey to discuss trauma-informed deep tissue massage. Kate discusses her experience as a massage therapist, how her work farming led her down a new path, and her daily practices to care for herself with this very physical work. Tune in for an informative show!

January 24, 2020. Bonnie Diamond, Acupuncture. On today’s show, Caroline chats with Bonnie Diamond, Bonnie DiamondJapanese acupuncturist who specializes in pain and chronic illness. Bonnie discusses the tradition of Japanese acupuncture, how this practice is very kinesthetic, and some of her favorite points. Bonnie discusses her own journey healing chronic fatigue syndrome and how that led to her career in acupuncture. Stay tuned for an informative show!


January 17, 2020. Katherine Harris, Nurse and Aromatherapy. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Katherine Katherine HarrisHarris, a nurse, aromatherapist, and transformational healer to discuss aromatherapy and western medicine. We discuss how aromatherapy is being introduced in a fragrance-free setting to maximize the benefits while maintaining safety in the hospital. Katherine also discusses how to navigate the world of aromatherapy as a consumer, her custom aromatherapy blends (known as “monster spray”) that help kids sleep at night, and her aromatherapy classes for pregnant women. Tune in for a great show!

December 20, 2019. Reina Goldberg, Intuitive Coach. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Reina Goldberg, Reina Goldbergan intuitive coach and teacher of Self-Care Tuesdays at Sun Studios in Florence, MA. Reina discusses how to tune in to yourself among a collective environment, how she uses her intuition to assist people to tap into theirs, her training with indigenous communities around the world, bringing these exercises into inner city classrooms, and how this class is an evolution of her larger work. Tune in for a great show!


December 13, 2019. Morgan Kent of Spirit of the Heart Martial Arts. On today’s show, Morgan KentCaroline sits down with Morgan Kent of Spirit of the Heart to discuss this martial arts studio. Morgan discusses what the style of Indonesian Silat looks like and how their studio focuses on self-improvement and fitness. Morgan talks about how he took lessons as a kid and how it became his whole life. Tune in for a great show!

December 6, 2019. Rachel Condon of Northampton Community Acupuncture. Rachel CondonOn today’s episode, Caroline sits down with Rachel Condon of Northampton Community Acupuncture. Together, we discuss what community acupuncture is all about from a practitioner’s point of view in that busy, but affordable environment. Rachel shares how working at a book publisher led her into Japanese acupuncture, her favorite set of points the extraordinary vessels, and much more!


November 22, 2019. John and Betsy Barlow of the Heartfulness Meditation Center. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with meditation teachers John and Betsy Barlow at the Heartfulness Meditation Center in Sunderland, MA. They discuss how the meditation group grew out of their living room into the regional center of the U.S. They discuss their early introduction to meditation and yoga, how the heart acts as a portal, and how meditation and spiritual path affect their relationship. Tune in for a great show!


November 15, 2019Katherine Golub of Callings and Courage. On today’s show, katherine golubCaroline sits down with professional coach Katherine Golub. Katherine discusses how to shift from the mentality of struggle to fun, how she offers a container of support, why she works with activist and purpose-driven folks, and how working for herself has impacted her family life.


November 1, 2019. Rishi Eric Infanti. On today’s episode of Energy Matters, Caroline sits eric infantidown with author, healer, and teacher Rishi Eric Infanti. Together, they discuss teaching yoga to veterans, his own healing path, and how using mindfulness assists his writing.


October 11, 2019. Beth Pellettieri. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Beth Pellettieriprofessional coach Beth Pellettieri. Beth discusses how obstacles can help us prioritize what we want, the basic steps to get there, and how her love of systems helps to keep people on track as they are pushing off into their new journey. Tune in for an informative show!

October 4, 2019. Mary Ryan and Emma Donnelly of Blue Dragon Apothecary. Mary RyanOn today’s show, Caroline sits down with the co-founders of Blue Dragon Apothecary in Greenfield, MA. They discuss the network of healers at Blue Dragon, ecological medicine, and how Emma and Mary came into this work, met, and grew this healing arts center. Tune in for a great episode of Energy Matters!  


September 20, 2019. Abby Beale. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Abby Beale, Abby Bealethe Board President of the National Center for Homeopathy to talk about how homeopathy works, how these energetic remedies are created, and how she got into this work. Abby talks about her training as a nationally certified classical homeopath, what her healing “toolbox” looks like, and the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy. Tune in for an interesting and informative chat!


September 6, 2019. Therese Jornlin. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Therese Jornlin, Therese Jornlina public speaker, teacher, and transformational coach, to talk about her program “Women Awake.” Therese discusses how women can connect with our natural cycles to deepen our connection with our power, telling the story of our first menstruation as a tool for understanding our sacred biography, and reclaiming the high intelligence of the body. Tune in for a great show!

August 30, 2019. Ruth Anne Lundenberg of Nirvana Yoga. On today’s show, Caroline Ruth Anne Lundenbergsits down with Ruth Anne Lundenberg of Nirvana Yoga in Easthampton, MA. Ruth Anne talks about her vision for an eco-friendly yoga studio, her evolution of teaching yoga since the 90s, media fasting, how yoga, art, and nature influence her life. Tune in for a great show!

August 23, 2019. Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo of the Shang Shung School of Tibetan Medicine. Dr Phuntsog Wangmo On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo, doctor of Tibetan Medicine, professor, and international director of the Shang Shung School of Tibetan Medicine in Conway, MA. We discuss her dual roles as a teacher and a doctor, how her role working with patients improves her experience with teaching, and how teaching continues the Tibetan medicine lineage. Phuntsog discusses what goes into the bachelor degree at Shang Shung School as well as the approach and strengths of Tibetan Medicine with mental health and chronic illness. Tune in for a great show!

August 16, 2019. Dan Winter of Toward Harmony. Caroline welcomes Dan Winter of Toward Harmony Tai Chi and Qigong back to Energy Matters! We sit down and talk about anxiety from the lens of an energetic perspective, different techniques to balance that upward force, and Dan also talks about his recent Qigong intensive training and deepening his study among likeminded folks. Tune in for a great show!

August 9, 2019. Rajeshwari of The Yoga Space. On today’s show, Caroline sits down Rajeshwariwith Rajeshwari of The Yoga Space in Keene, NH to talk about her new Mantra Teacher Training. They discuss how Raji got into yoga early on, the influences of her early spiritual teachers and how they encouraged her to share and develop mantra as a tool for spiritual practice. Raji talks about the accredited 200-hour Mantra Teacher Training, how it came to be and how this energetic practice can be used to improve our everyday lives. Tune in for a great show!


August 2, 2019. Sacred Roots Healing. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Jen Parmentier and Steve Fleury of Sacred Roots Healing in Easthampton, MA. Together, they discuss how Sacred Roots got started, how the variety of events and workshops facilitate different ways people heal, Jen’s work with trauma and recovery, and Steve’s development of intuition around the birth of their son. Stay tuned for a great show!


July 26, 2019. Chris Marano. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Chris Marano, a clinical herbalist, medicine maker, and teacher behind Clearpath Herbals. Chris talks about keeping his many passions balanced, the way his 3 year herbal school is set up, getting to know plants intuitively and intellectually, and growing community gardens. Tune in for an excellent show!


June 21, 2019Hannah Jacobson-Hardy. In today’s show, we sit down with herbalist Hannah Jacobson-Hardy to talk about Lyme Disease prevention. Hannah discusses the stages of Lyme through a lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine, simple prevention tips and her herbal prevention formula, dealing with the fear reaction, as well as Hannah’s experience sitting with a tick and listening deeply to its messages. Tune in for an informative show!

June 14, 2019. Rowan St. John, sound healing and Family Constellations practitioner. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Rowan St. John to discuss his work with sound healing and Family Constellations. Rowan chats about using sound as meditation and purification, demonstrates how to vibrate the sound seeds in your body, the traditional Zulu practice working with family dynamics turned modern practice, and how this work impacted his immediate family. Tune in for a great show!

June 7, 2019. Arden Sundari Pierce, yoga therapist. On today’s show, Caroline chats with yoga therapist Arden Sundari Pierce. Arden discusses how her unique style of yoga developed alongside her work with pregnant women, how the psoas impacts low back pain, and the newer yoga therapy class series around incontinence and the pelvic floor. Tune in for an informative and interesting show!


May 31, 2019. Stephen Bryla of Go With the Float. On today’s show, Caroline sits down with Stephen Bryla, Stephen Bryla, Go With the Floatowner of Go With the Float. They discuss the basics of floating, Stephen’s powerful experiences and what led him to expand floating into Western Mass. They discuss floating as meditation and a way to explore consciousness, as well as how athletes use the tanks to recover. Tune in for a great show!


May 24, 2019. Annie Skillings, Mindful EAL (equine assisted learning). Annie Skillings, Mindful Equine Assisted LearningOn today’s show, Caroline sits down with Annie Skillings, who practices Mindful EAL (equine assisted learning). Annie talks about the blending of her two passions mindfulness and horses! We discuss everything from her early research with John Kabat-Zinn, horses as sentient beings, and how being nurtured by the energy of horses can be deeply healing for trauma. Tune in for a great show!

May 10, 2019. Kathleen Farris, mediumIn today’s show, Caroline sits down with Kathleen Farris a psychic medium. The discussion ranges from the difference to a psychic versus a medium, what it was like growing up seeing spirits, the conflict of this gift with her religious upbringing, and how talking to loved ones in spirit can help us move through those stuck points in our grieving process. We covered so much more! Tune in!


May 3, 2019Georgiann Kristek, yin yoga. In today’s show, Caroline sits down with Georgiann Kristek, yin yoga instructor and learns aboGeorgiann Kristek, yin yogaut this receptive, slower form of yoga. We discuss the yin versus yang styles, how we stress our connective tissue for health, how this gentler yoga practice can offer deep insights in how we navigate our world. Stay tuned for a great show!


April 26, 2019Dale Thomas of Healthy Body Thermography. In today’s show, Caroline thermographysits down with Dale Thomas of Healthy Body ThermographyWe discuss how thermography offers us a glimpse into our body’s heat map, showing us inflammation on a cellular level, and how this information can impact our health. We learn the difference between a mammogram and a thermogram and how women of all ages can use this tool for breast health and much more! Tune in for a great show! 

April 19, 2019. Steve Kramer of Spirit Fire Retreat Center. On today’s show, Steve Kramer, Spirit Fire Retreat CenterCaroline talks with Steve Kramer of Spirit Fire Retreat Center in Leyden, MA. Steve talks about Vipassana Insight meditation, how the brain’s default mode network works, how food affects us, and we close with a short guided meditation. This is a great show, so tune in!


April 12, 2019Ashley Mader, sex therapist.  In today’s show, Caroline talks with sex therapist Ashley Mader. Ashley MaderWe discuss what healthy aging looks like, how humor influences negative stereotypes about getting older, examining our belief systems about sex and aging, what “sex positive” means for ourselves, our therapists, doctors, and other health care professionals. Tune in for a great show!


April 5, 2019. Leslie Chaison of the People’s Medicine Project. Peoples Medicine ProjectOn today’s show, Caroline sits down with Leslie Chaison, the founder of People’s Medicine Project, a nonprofit that provides herbal medicine and alternative health care for people in recovery. As we learn more about the different aspects of this social justice project from farm to clinic, we hear about the client’s perspective as well as the practitioners. Tune in for a great show!

March 29, 2019Glenn Smith of Sound Seeds. Glenn SmithIn today’s show, Caroline sits down with self-taught musician Glenn Smith to talk about his singing group the Vocal Voyagers. Glenn discusses the origins of improvisational singing, how each group creates a unique soundscape, finding one’s voice, and his own ah-ha! moment when he started this work. Listen to a demonstration of what this work sounds like, and explore how sound can heal!

March 22, 2019.  Robert Abbatiello of Clear Point Acupuncture and Integrative Health Care. Robert AbbatielloIn today’s show, Caroline talks with Robert Abbatiello, acupuncturist, herbalist, homeopath, nutritional consultant, and healer. Robert discusses how meditation impacted his health, how he uses muscle testing in understanding what the body needs, the spring detox, and much more! Stay tuned for this vibrant show!


March 15, 2019Lauren Pacosa of Groundings new age gift shop. Today on Energy Matters, we talk with Lauren Pacosa of Groundings, the new age shop in Florence, MA! We learn all about the shop, the community of art and healing practitioners, as well as Lauren’s early connection to crystals, how she uses tarot and divination for daily and monthly guidance, and what a crystal healing looks and feels like. The closing meditation is by Darlene Van de Grift. Stay tuned for a great show!

March 8, 2019.  Laura Campagna, The Wednesday Witch. In this episode,laura campagna 2 The Wednesday Witch, Laura Campagna, gives us a tarot reading to guide us through Mercury in Retrograde! Learn more about this  astrological season and the tools we can tap into for guidance. Tune in for a great show!


March 1, 2019.  Kelly Flaherty of Henna Elements. In today’s show, Caroline chats withhenna henna artist Kelly Flaherty of Henna Elements. Kelly discusses the origins of henna, the plant versus the art, symbols and designs across cultures, the preparation of the dye, her plant spirit journey, as well as her creative process for offering intuitive designs for clients. Tune in!


Feb 8, 2019Ananda Wilson of GATHER Perfumes. In today’s show, we interview the Ananda Wilson GATHERbotanical perfumer Ananda Wilson of GATHER Perfumes. We discuss how her background in herbalism and wildcrafting led her to create plant-based perfumes. We chat about where Ananda draws her inspiration, how her background as a dancer influences her now, how smell affects our memory, emotions, and how we feel about ourselves. Tune in for a great discussion!


Feb 1, 2019 John Perdrizet. On today’s show, Caroline interviews holistic veterinarian Dr. John Perdrizet of The Sanctuary Animal Clinic in Holyoke, MA. We discuss why John began practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine after 25 years of Western veterinary care and the impact he has seen on his animal clients. We chat about the inspiration behind the clinic’s location (a historic Victorian home), how yin and yang energies affect our pets, as well as the range of care offered to pigs and horses to cats and dogs. Tune in for an informative show!

Jan 18, 2019Molly Scott. In today’s show, Caroline sits down with Molly Scott, therapist, musician, writer, and educator. Molly discusses how sound affects us and how we can use it to not only find our voice, but also to heal from deep wounds. Molly discusses how her creative passions, in combination with her formal psychotherapist training, formed her healing work today. Tune in for a great show!

Jan 4, 2019Hannah Corbett. In today’s show, Caroline chats with Hannah Corbett, Hannah Corbettwriter, healer, artist, and author of Lunar Flower Priestess. Hannah discusses her new book, the process of compiling her Book of Shadows, lunar consciousness as the foundation of magical life, witchy menstrual rituals, resetting her painful periods with dandelion, plant consciousness, the health benefits to be being in contact with your monthly flow, and much more! Tune in for a great show!

Dec 28, 2018. Darlene Van de Grift. In today’s show, Caroline interviews Darlene Van de Grift, a medical intuitive, transformational counselor, author, and artist. www.SoulUnion.comThey discuss the spiritual and emotional components to health, how unconscious beliefs and past lives can shape our lives, kinesiology, intuitive development, the importance of meditation, how to use synchronicity, how Darlene’s paintings were influenced by her intuition, galactic mediumship, the Council of 28, and how to discern information that comes through. Tune in for a great show!


Dec 21, 2018. Mark Vecchio. In today’s show, Caroline chats with Mark Vecchio, an ADHD coach. www.TheConsciousLearner.comThey talk about how adults with ADHD experience the world, how they often hide it to manage their work, the experience of time, the flood myth, and how Mark’s work with each individual is about understanding what they experience. Mark also discusses how Somatic therapy assists in aligning body, mind, and emotion. Tune in for a great show!


Dec 7, 2018. Laura Seftel. In today’s show, Caroline interviews Laura Seftel, art therapist, aLaura Sefteluthor, and clinical supervisor. They discuss healing through creativity, what makes art therapy so unique for healing, letting go of the inner critic, the bridge between the conscious and unconscious, The Secret Club, and dealing with pregnancy loss. Tune in for a great show!


Nov 30, 2018Michael Schreiber. In today’s show, Caroline interviews Michael Schreiber, business coach who helps actors and creative individuals grow their businesses. Version 5They discuss the basics of business coaching and what this looks like, the definition of success, aligning with your work, overcoming the need to hide, how vulnerability as a creative person can be a tool as a business owner, and much more! Tune in for a great show!


Nov 23, 2018Gauri of Gauri’s Mantra Meditation. In today’s show, Caroline talks with Jyotish Astrologer, Gauri of Gauri’s Mantra Meditation. They discuss how eastern astrology uses charts as a rGaurioadmap of our lives, as a way to look into our karma, how Jyotish astrology is related to yoga and Ayurveda, the use of mantra in pop culture versus its Sanskrit origins as vibrational healing, and much more! Tune in to Energy Matters on 103.3 FM WXOJ Northampton, MA.


Nov 16, 2018. Joan Pillsbury of Green Burial Massachusetts. Today in Energy Matters, Caroline talks with Joan Pillsbury of Green Burial MA. Joan PillsburyThe discuss the basics of green burials, the environmental impact of conventional burial practices, how the Civil War influenced the current practices, what is a “greener” burial, planning your green burial in advance, and how to discuss this topic with family members. Tune in for a great show!


Nov 9, 2018Laura CampagnaToday in Energy Matters, Caroline interviews Laura Campagna, a Western astrologer, energy healer, and tarot reader.Laura Campagna Topics discussed include: praying for guidance, identifying as a witch, Vortex Healing, Merlin tradition, “feel it to heal it,” the history of tarot, the way to get the most from your tarot reading, teaching people how to “get off the book” in giving readings, and much more! Stay tuned for a great show!


Nov 2, 2018 Dan Winter, Toward Harmony Qi Gong and Tai chi. In today’s show, Caroline interviews Dan Winter of Toward Harmony Qigong and Tai Chi. Dan Winter, Toward HarmonyThe discussion ranges from the origins of these practices, how standing and posture affect chi, the feel of beauty, the ease and flow of the Water Tradition, how tai chi influences dance, and the 70% rule as it extends to athletes. Tune in for a great show!


Oct 10, 2018Michelle RyanOn today’s show, Caroline interviews MichelleMichelle Ryan Ryan, founder of the yoga collective Ashtanga Yoga Northampton. We learn more about what is ashtanga, how the Mysore tradition differs from other yoga practices, running a teacher-owned yoga cooperative, dealing with conflict in a collective, the moon days tradition, as well as the community book club and cleanses. Tune in for a great show!


Sept 26, 2018. Hannah Jacobson-Hardy. In this episode of Energy Matters, Caroline interviews Hannah Jacobson-Hardy of Sweet Birch Herbals. Hannah Jacobson-HardyHannah talks about community herbal medicine, the gift economy model, her early introduction to herbs at UMass Amherst, learning about herbs from books versus learning from the plants directly, plant spirit journeys, and her range of herbal products, including Full Moon Ghee!


Sept 14, 2018Tzivia Gover. Caroline talks with Tzivia Gover, dream therapist, author, educator and poet. Tzivia GoverThey discuss the value of dreams, how mindfulness can affect day and nighttime, how dreams can help us understand our deeper selves, how professionals can benefit from learning how to work with dreams, Institute for Dream Studies, as well as Tzivia’s latest book.


Aug 29, 2018Kyle Ricci. Caroline sits down to talk with Kyle Ricci, Reiki Master Teacher about Reiki! Kyle RicciWe talk about what is Reiki, how our body’s energy centers work, how he learned Reiki as a child (from his mom), and Kyle’s current work with oncology at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and Cancer Connection. Tune in for a great show!

Aug 15, 2018. Ruth Folchman. Caroline talks with Dr. Ruth Folchman, clinical psychologist and certified group psychotherapist, about everyday mindfulness. Dr. Ruth FolchmanWe learn more about her classes in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression (MBCT) and how they can help around handling our emotions, while driving, dealing with family, and money.

Aug 1, 2018Craig Fear. Caroline interviews Craig Fear of Fearless Eating, blogger and cookbook author. Craig FearWe chat about Craig’s career change from nutritional coach to cookbook author, writing for a career, how to monetize your website,  how we can heal our gut health with bone broths, travels in Thailand, Thai recipes, and Craig’s latest cookbook!


July 4, 2018Lori Schott. Caroline interviews Lori Schott, licensed esthetician and owner of Euphoria Float and Skin Care. Lori SchottThey discuss the different types of sun blocks, the chemical ban in sunscreens that affects our oceans and coral reefs, safe skin care practices, and how to decipher what is actually inside your skin care products. Tune in for this informative show!


June 20, 2018Melissa Stevens. Today, Caroline chats with Melissa Stevens of Sweet Melissa’s, a vegan chef. She talks about her meal delivery service Dharma Delights, Melissa Stevenswhat the “whole food, plant-based” lifestyle is all about, how her journey through dermatology drove her to experiment with eating, how she healed her acne, as well as her favorite recipes and how to throw a vegan dinner party.


June 6, 2018 Brittany Wood NickersonCaroline chats with Brittany Wood Nickerson of Thyme Herbal. Brittany Wood NickersonBrittany talks about her cookbook “Recipes from the Herbalist’s Kitchen” and shares a simple, nourishing recipe. She also talks about her creative process, what it means to “hold space,” how to eat with intention, how “food as medicine” informs her recipes, as well as the evolution of her writing, zines, posters, and workshops.


May 23, 2018Kristin Anthony. Caroline sits down with Kristin Anthony, a somatic therapist, to talk about her journey with Lyme Disease. Kristin, a body-centered somatic therapist, examines how her work deeply influenced her journey of self-discovery tKrisitn Anthonyhrough the trials of Lyme. This conversation includes a discussion of Lyme symptoms, the course of treatment, how she advocated for herself during this time, how she dealt with the fear, and how somatic therapy allowed her to stay present with her body and emotions when things got challenging.