2564Energy Matters with Caroline Ruderman is a weekly radio show on Valley Free Radio WXOJ 103.3 FM Northampton, MA

Tune in Live! Every Friday at 4pm

Energy Matters radio show is here to explore Western Massachusetts as a haven for alternative health. Host Caroline Ruderman is dedicated to exploring different ways that people bring health, healing, and wellness into their lives.

Caroline interviews local practitioners who specialize in everything from mindfulness to martial arts, dream therapy to dance therapy, and acupuncture to Ayurveda. Together we explore the knowledge and expertise of the local healing arts.

Caroline Ruderman has been a reiki teacher for 8 years. She sees clients and students in Northampton, MA. With her background in energy work, Caroline has met a broad range of talented practitioners over the years. With a combination of curiosity, passion for wellness, and enthusiasm for the healing arts, Caroline brings you Energy Matters.

To listen live, tune in every other Wednesday at 4-5pm! Tune In Live! Every Friday at 4pm

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