Reiki Through The Chakras

8 Weeks / Wednesdays 9am-10:45am EST, starting May 25

Are we able to see into the mind and look at our body?

(You betcha!)

Are you able to see what is going on internally for others?


Are we able to bring healing into those places that feel chronic or unresolved?

(You better believe it!)

Why not reshape the way we think of ourselves as our own doctors, healers, and medicine people? Yes, sometimes outside influences can give us insights to our minds, our madness, or our crisis, but here we will learn the first stop is always inside ourselves. Most things can be resolved quickly. Many things can be eradicated with a little help from our internal guidance system.

From here, we will examine our internal guidance system through the framework of the chakra healing system. The chakras are one aspect of our internal guidance system, our “energetic anatomy” as Caroline calls it.

The chakras have been written about extensively, but add Caroline’s intuitive approach to healing, and we have Reiki Through the Chakras.

Each course will begin with a simple Reiki attunement. This frees up the mind so the balancing energy of Reiki can be streamed straight through Source.

Over the course of 8 weeks we will explore each chakra, learn techniques to apply Reiki to ourselves and others. Intuitive guidance will explored over 8 weeks and a strong emphasis for examining how our unique guidance systems work.

This is an online-based class. There will be an in-person segment of this class–please reach out if you are interested in this offering.

Price listing is sliding scale: $150-300

Online Live Class Wednesdays 9am-10:45am EST

Unable to make the live class? Replays are available! Materials will be emailed to all participants and lessons hold relevance for times to come. Please be mindful that others will be asking the questions that you may have too! Group healings positively impact all participants live or on replay.

If you are interested in learning the system of Reiki, we would suggest an in-person or virtual class with Caroline on Reiki 1, 2, or 3. These are set up with Caroline or her assistant. Please reach out for details.