Reiki treatments with Caroline are typically 60- or 90-minutes.

Here’s what a session looks like:

First, Caroline likes to check in with first time clients. She takes a few minutes to chat about your intake form and see what is going on for you. After answering any questions, the Reiki session begins. You are not required to do anything special, other than taking off your shoes and silencing your phone.

You stay fully dressed (some people like to empty their pockets or remove a belt for comfort.) From there, you lay on the massage table with clean sheets, maybe a bolster under your legs and a pillow for you head.  Caroline works quietly around you, gently resting her hands across your head, torso, and legs.

Some people feel energy moving; some people fall asleep. Your thoughts slow down. Sometimes positive memories drift through, solutions to issues, or new ideas pop in. It feels very relaxing, almost dream-like at times. After the session is complete, Caroline lets you the time is up and offers you specific ways to take care of yourself in the following days.

Reiki is great for many different issues, including (but not limited to):

Reiki hands Tuck 2

Low back pain: Lower back pain affects how we sit, stand, and move around. It’s hard to ignore our bodies when major back muscles are acting up. Similar to acupuncture, Reiki works to move the energetic blockages, release muscle tightness, and get you up and moving freely again. Caroline works intuitively and can offer specific guidance for what your body needs to maintain balance between sessions.

Neck tension / pain: Neck tension often lingers longer than necessary. We can self-massage or apply salves to reduce the discomfort. Caroline uses Reiki to release the stress and physically relax the muscle and fascia within the localized area. Great to pair a Reiki session after yoga!

Anxiety: Anxiety can come out of nowhere. Life can also feel like a constant state of anxiety. It’s different for everyone, but you know the feeling. It’s hard to explain how exhausting it is to deal with. Caroline creates a space for your mind to relax, to let go and detox those emotions. You’ll feel like yourself again.

Fatigue / low energy: Sometimes life gets busy and feeling tired is normal! When tired is a constant– feeling exhausted, drinking a lot of coffee to keep up, dragging ourselves to do things we don’t really want to do– we’re observing some bigger patterns that may need adjusting. Caroline uses Reiki to help guide you through what’s really going on. You deserve to feel relaxed and energized and moving in the direction of your dream life.

Relationship strife: Are you getting what you need out of those you hold close to you? Are you feeling heard? Understood? Loved? Let’s get your energy levels up, clear away any buildup from toxic relationships, and start attracting the nourishment you need and deserve.

Anger: Anger is not always a bad thing. It’s a very strong signal that something is not right– that can be a powerful energy for change and healing. However, when we rest in that anger for too long, it becomes toxic to ourselves, our pets, and our loved ones. Caroline uses Reiki to look into what’s really going on, dig into some of those patterns, and make room for what we need and want in our lives.

Creative blocks: When we can’t write, make music, paint, or express ourselves in some way, we have often thrown so much resistance in our path. So many reasons why we can’t do this thing. To open the flow of creativity and action, Caroline uses Reiki to relax your mind, releasing negative feelings that have built up around this issue, which can expand your awareness. Allow a free flow of vital energy back in.

Lack of focus / productivity: A lack of focus or productivity comes at the worst time. We have deadlines, but that work is not getting done. There’s the work itself and then the additional stress of not completing the task. Caroline uses Reiki to see what’s going on, clear away the excess stress and anxiety, and allow new ideas and fresh thinking to infuse the project.

Restlessness: The feeling of restlessness makes it hard to sit still and focus on what’s right in front of us. The desire to do something else or be somewhere else leaves us frustrated and unhappy. These feelings can be so strong that it’s hard to get out of our heads. Caroline uses Reiki to clear away the frustration and excess mental energy. As the mind relaxes we can allow ideas, new ways of thinking, and opportunities to make the shifts we want.

“Floating head” feeling: The feeling of a floating head, like a balloon drifting above your shoulders, making your consciousness feel way out of your physical body, feels quite surreal. Caroline uses Reiki to bring the body’s natural flow of energy down to your feet and to reconnect the systems that have momentarily fallen out of balance.

Worn down / burnt out: You’re feeling worn down, stretched thin, at the end of your rope, or just plain burnt out. Any way that you describe it, your personal reserves are running low. It’s harder to deal with normal levels of stress, emotions can be all over the place, and our immune systems are functioning lower. Caroline uses Reiki to push through the dense emotions and allows your body and mind to function at 100%.

Feeling stagnant: Feeling stagnant is a hard state to be in. Everything feels the frustrating, bland, and uninspired. Stuck patterns of thought or emotion can block fresh ideas, new influences, curiosity, and creative ways of thinking. It can be hard to shift alone. Caroline uses Reiki to move those stagnant patterns and clear space for lighter thinking, exploration, and a shift in mindset.