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“She’s sweet, calming, and able to identify issues in my body.”

“She brings a lot of light with her and I always feel better when I see her.”

“She’s the sweetest!! My Reiki sessions relaxed me so deeply and being attuned to Reiki filled me with anew kind of energy I’d never experienced before.”

“Lovely person and talented practitioner. Intuitively connected.”

“Caroline is amazing – intuitive, caring, insightful, and meticulous. She’s helped me with everything from a sore throat to back pain to communicating with my spirit guides. A true gem!”

“She is amazing! She had advice for me years ago I am still thinking on.”

“She is easy to speak with and expresses genuine concern.”

“Caroline has been a big help in my self exploration in her Reiki treatment as well as discussions during the treatment.”

Caroline Ruderman