Reiki 2

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new class starting! Thursdays, 12pm-2pm, beginning June 1, 2023. 8 weeks.

Classes are currently being offered as students approach!

Ready to dive in ?

Get ready to expand your Reiki hands skill set!

Reiki Level 2 is an expansion of your life force energy. Reiki is simply an alignment with who you are simply by channeling this high frequency healing vibration. In this class, we learn 3 tools to continue this journey.

The tools that we continue to explore are known as the Reiki Level 2 symbols. There are more symbols in the Level 3 advancement, but here we have 3 unique frequencies that envelope personal growth, emotional healing, and a differing a behaviors via choosing to enter a new paradigm, a new frequency during our Reiki healings. It sounds more complicated than it is. Truly, this work is done through ease.

In this class, you will learn:

  • 3 complete symbols, or tools, to continue your advancement of Reiki therapy;
  • to advance your learning of subjects not simply through text but of clearing the mind and downloading / channeling new and useful insights;
  • to trust yourself;
  • to choose one frequency of living over another;
  • and to be one with yourself and not divide who you are into smaller parts.

Similar to Reiki Level 1, classes are alternating with the sit-down lessons and hands-on practice. Class is 16 hours over 8 weeks. Classes are typically 2 hours in length. (They go by fast!) The course includes a manual (same as the Reiki 1 manual). Certification upon completion of the course.

$650. Payment plans available.